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Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

Story time will begin September 8, 2014 at the Lilly Library and continue until May 12, 2015. They will have 1 session on Monday. A child must be three years of age to register. The program is open to all residents of Lilly Borough and Washington Township. Any questions contact Brenda Marsh at the library.

With disappointment I learned on Labor Day that the American Legion Auxiliary here in Lilly has folded. This was without public notice or an attempt to recruit new members to build the ranks or take over the running of the organization. The Auxiliary was active for 80 years.

During the dedication at the Butterfly garden on Monday morning a single Monarch butterfly flew in and alighted on a bush. Many called this timely visit a good omen.

The program went well and the hardy crowd estimated at 150 plus residents and visitors put up with several rain drizzles during the event. Most ,to their good thinking,had umbrellas along. Jim Salony did a very good job of keeping the program moving along. Ray Guzic Jr and yours truly assisted him. Honors were paid to Jack and Genevieve Calandra, Paul, Marcelle and Joi Cooney, Steve Pavolvich and Jeff and Sue Wilson for their generosity and efforts towards the monument. Also honored were the Klayko, Salony, Barlick and Muldoon families for their contributions to the statuary in the garden and the lamps on the monument. The Tranquillo family was recognized for the butterfly garden and the listing of deceased miners in the chapel area. The Cooneys were recognized for providing the Saint Barbara statue in memory of Cindy Cooney. Along list of others were mentioned for their various efforts during the planning and construction of the almost completed Miners Park and Butterfly garden. All got to enjoy cake, soft drinks, coffee and ice cream at the War Memorial pavilion provided by the Historical Society after the program. Special thanks to Bev Mandichak, her grandchildren and her sister Anna Leahey for serving the snacks.

On the afternoon of the 1st there were many visitors to the site including a couple from Coalport, another couple from Altoona and another from Johnstown. All decided to come see the park after seeing it on Channel 10 or in the Tribune Democrat.

Take a visit to the Miners Park and then enjoy a leisurely walk of over 6’000 feet (over a mile) on the just completed walking trail. Many are using it already and most express praise and compliments about the trail. I like the idea that it runs through a stand of trees and then through some hemlock along the War Memorial fence making it also a nature train. Walkers, runners and children and adult peddle bikes are permitted on the trail, but no quads or dirt bikes. It has been suggested that cross country skiing should be permitted during the winter months. That would be a Township decision.

John Homerick recently passed away in Trafford, PA at the age of 90. John was born on the Homerick farm up the Bear Rock, a son of Paul and Emma (Hooder) Homerick. His siblings included Anna Mardula, Chuck, Paul, George and Julie plus Erma and Helen (deceased).He had married Margaret Jean Gongloff from Scanlan Hill and worked for Snavely Forest Products while raising three daughters, Tammy, Sherry and Robin (deceased). John was a Navy veteran of WW11 serving aboard the U.S.S. Washington. He was interred with Military Honors at Penn Lincoln Park Memorial Cemetery.

The Barlick family re-union was held in my back lots on Saturday, August 30. There was a turnout of nearly 80 family members from New Hamshire, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. My eldest Aunt, Clara Zooch, was able to attend. She is 93.Her sister Marge will be 90 so there was birthday cake for both of them. Their sisters Ida and Patsy were also present along with their brother Mike. It was great to see many cousins and their children. Cousin Paul Edwards, a retired police officer from Nutley, NJ was present along with his wife Theresa, the first I seen them in many years. Fortunately the sun stayed out and the rain stayed away except for a few drops about 5:00 P.M.

A highlight of the afternoon was had when Ernie Alwine brought his horses and buggy from Misty Haven Stables and provided all the visitors with a ride up around the War Memorial and returned. My daughter Cidy, son Steve, son-in aw Bryan Rabish and friend Tom Boast put a lot of effort in preparations and arrangements for the event. Bruce Lukasavich, John Barlick 111, Celeste Olshasky, Pam Vhyonsky, Monica Barlick and Cathy Nadolsky were some that helped with food . Thanks everyone for a great day.

Christopher Martino and Samatha Johnson celebrate their birthdays today, September 4th followed by Kathy Leahey, Helen Claar and Matt Myers on the 5th of September followed by Kaitlin Lutton, Diana Schaffranek, John Bender and Sharon Diehl on the 6th George Ernest gets to party on the 7th,. and Kendall Krug on the 10th. Happy Birthday to All!

Joseph and Dianne Batdorf celebrate their wedding anniversary today, September 4 followed by William and Joan Latoche and Bill and Em Herschel on the 5th and Patrick and Holly Tremel on the 6th. On the 8th Don and Janet Franey celebrate along with John and Sara Latoche (who observe their 52nd anniversary) Happy Anniversary to All!

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