Sep 172015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

Saturday at 12:30 P.M there will be the dedication of the United Mine Workers of America Rest at the walking trail at Piper Street near the miners memorial along the walking trail. The public is invited to join with UMWA officials to recognize the event. Dan Kane, secretary/treasurer of the United Mines Workers International will be the guest speaker along with Ed Yankovich, District 2 president. Tom Mardula of Local 1318 is Master of ceremonies.

The United Mine Workers rest stop includes a water fountain for drinking, benches for relaxation, a lantern pole light and a monument honoring the UMWA history. Locals 1318 and 1368 provided funding for the rest stop and Local 1318 also provided funds for flowers and hedges at the site.

Jessica and Troy Walk of Tyrone welcomed a daughter, Adrieyn Jordan, in to their home on September 9. She joins brothers Tanner and Tucker. Jessica is the daughter of Patrick Barlick. She grew up in Lilly and is a police officer in Tyrone.

If you have a family event you want me to write about just call me at 886-4694. As winter approaches I will be indoors most of the time. Thank you.

Fred Behe, Lucas Jones, Allen Lego and Jackie Lingafelt celebrate their birthdays today, September 17
followed by Robert Paul on the 18th. Then the cake baker is busy on the 19th when Cole Amster, Bently Rice, Mary Lou Behe, Cheryl Bender, Emil Campagna, Marty Craine and Tony Sabol celebrate.
Timothy McGarry and Charles McMullen get to party on the 20th followed by Matthew Hoover and Sister Jane Rosko on the 21st and Monica Behe, Nicole Boast, Thomas Craine and John Giblock on the 22nd. On the 23rd Theresa Brown and Francis Conrad enjoy cake and ice cream. Happy Birthday to All!

Eugene and Sandra Miorelli observe their wedding anniversary on September 18 followed by John and Kathleen Bost on the 19th and Bart and Valerie Borlie on the 20th..Allen and Colleen Keagy celebrate on the 21st while Robert and Robin Lee, Gary and Patty Nagy and John and Margaret Robine all observe their special day on the 23rd. Happy Anniversary to each couple!

If you stopped for a drink at Tookies when it was in the Shullman building you are a definite old timer.

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