Sep 122016

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694 

Congratulation to our Penn Cambria Panthers on their nice win over Westmont this past Saturday. The score was Penn Cambria 28 Westmont 0.

The Mainline Panthers had a very large turnout at The Lilly War Memorial field both Friday and Saturday for their weekend games. The excellent weather being outdoors for the evenings allowed a pleasant time for all the players, cheerleaders, parents, grandparents and all others in attendance. Fridays game under the lights ended with a fireworks show.

Shirley Patterson tells me that her hummingbird visitors are almost all gone for the winter months. I guess this is a warning that snow is on its way. After just now being able to enjoy the out doors it makes for unpleasant thoughts of returning to winter hibernation.

The Lilly Girl Scouts Troop Number 46508 will begin their fall registrations and meetings on September 19 at 6:30 PM. The troop is open to girls from Kinder garden to 8th grade .For further information call Jeannie George at 979-8281.

Josephine Lysic celebrates her birthday today, September 15th followed by Kloe Dixon, James Arnold, Jack George, Benjamin Rainey and Connie Stauske on the 16th and Fred Behe, Lucas Jones, Allen Lego, and Jackie Lingafelt on the 17th. Robert Paul enjoys cake and ice cream on the 18th as will Bently Rice, Mary Lou Behe, Cheryl Bender, Emil Campagna, Marty Craine and Tony Sabol on the 19th. On September 20 Tim McGarry, Justin Artko Matt Hoover and Charles McMullen observe birthdays. On the 21st Sister Jane Rosko, Kevin Eckenrode and Matt Hoover get to party. Happy Birthday to All!

Larry and Darla Summerville celebrate their wedding anniversary on September 16 as will Eugene and Sandy Miorelli on the 18th followed by John and Kathleen Bost on the 19th
and Bart and Valerie Borlie on the 20th. Alan and Colleen celebrate on the 21st. Happy Anniversary to each couple!

You bought a pack of cigarettes from a machine for 25 cents and got two pennies back taped on them.

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