Sep 122016

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

Visited the Penn Cambria bon fire at the Lilly War Memorial field the evening of August 25. There was a very nice turnout of parents, players and friends along with the marching band and cheerleaders. The very nice weather made it possible for all present to have a good time.

Start thinking about natural gas as meetings will soon be held for borough and township residents. This will be the time to ask questions and seek out the pros and cons of changing the way we cook and heat our homes.

There are several families who just recently moved into Lilly after buying homes here. If you have new neighbors take the time to welcome them to the community and let them know how Lilly works and the many pros and cons of living here.

My sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Helen Sarneski who recently passed away.

Celebrating birthdays on September 1 are James Rice lV, Celsey Hite, John Hurley, Robert Rabatin Sr., On the 2nd Jayce Summerville celebrates as will Sonja Moyer and Catherine Sweeney on the 3rd and
Christopher Martino and Samantha Johnson on the 4th. It will be party time for Kathy Leahey and Helen Claar on the 5th and Kendall Krug,Kaitlin Lutton and Diana Schaffranek on the 6th. George Ernest celebrates on the 7th. Happy Birthday to All!

Don and Sandy Courvina and Frank and Helen Fordick celebrate their wedding anniversaries on September 1 followed by Joseph and Dianne Batdorf on the 4th ;William and Joan Latoche on the 5th and Patrick and Holly Tremel on the 6th. Happy Anniversary to Each Couple!

You are an old-timer if you remember when Kelly Campagna had his Barber Shop in Pete Mattiello’s building on Cleveland Street.

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