Sep 202013

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On Saturday, September 7th there was a very nice ceremony at the Loretto American Legion at 10:00 AM as they dedicated a memorial along Saint Marys Street honoring all branches of the military. Senior Judge Timothy Creany, a Marine veteran, was the guest speaker. My son, Steve, had drawn the original design for the memorial that adds dignity to the front of the American Legion. It is lit at night.



Three bronze statue and two more benches have been added to the butterfly garden and the miners memorial and a new brick wall for a list of miner casualties and St. Barbara has been installed. The sculptor spent a weekend here, off site, preparing the main monument that soon should be installed.

Master pieces take time.



Today, September 19th finds Cole Amsler, Mary Lou Behe, Cheryl Bender, Emil Campagna, Marty Craine, Tony Sabol and Jody Walter observing birthdays as will Tim McGarry and Charles McMullen on the 20th.On the 21st Matt Hoover, Sister Jane Rosko and Helen Thrower get to party as will Monica Behe , Nicole Boast, Thomas Craine, Derek Szala, Cassidy Myers and John Giblock on the 22nd. On September 23 it will be cake and ice cream for Theresa Brown and Francis Conrad. The next day, the 24th, Jayden Pinkney and Miranda Wilkinson get to party followed by Kristen Diehl, Mike Felus, Katie Leahey, Michael Leahey and Linda Orlosky on the 25th. Happy Birthday to All!



John and Kathleen Boast celebrate their wedding anniversary on September 19th followed by Al and Colleen Keagy on the 21st. On the 22nd Robert and Robin Lee celebrate along with Gary and Patty Nagy. On the 24th Tony and Cynthia Funari observe their anniversary. Best Wishes to Each Couple!



My daughter, Cathy Nadolsky, her friend Michele Kreshalk and I ventured to Ocean City on Friday, September 13 to take in the Bike Week festivities going on along the Eastern Maryland Coast and the Delmarva area where a reported 150,000 bikers were in attendance. It was bikes, bikes and more bikes at the bars, restaurants, motels and hotels of the city and the nearby countryside. The noise of bikes revving up into the wee hours of the morning surely awakened the wild horses trying to sleep on Assateaque Island.

Daughter Cathy had the opportunity of meeting Alvarez, her favorite actor from the Sons of Anarchy TV series, she has a picture of her taken with him at the Oasis outside of Ocean City. Many others from the Cresson and Lilly area enjoyed the activities during bike week in Ocean City including Ray and Jenny Guzic; Scott and Denise Guzic; Scott and Jackie Steberger, Bruce Hershel , Brian Filak, Brenda Little, Rocky Sibis, Mitche and Mike Harrison, Charlie Mack and others.



You are a real old timer if you remember when Ott Bierly ran an ice cream stand at the Ko-Ko-Mo.

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