Nov 012014

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 814-886-4694 


Take a ride around the community and enjoy the many homes lit up for the Halloween season.
Several favorites I have seen include the Halloween Dance in Ron Muldoons yard that was the colorful project of him, Judy and three of Rons sisters. Steve and Vicky Durkay did a very nice job of skeletal art in their yard and Kelly Sklodowski and Butch Gibbons made attractive home displays as did Paul Skldowski and Darnell Steberger. Many others also helped make the town look very nice.

There was a very nice turnout for the Halloween Parade here in Lilly on Sunday afternoon. Although the air was brisk the sun remained shining all afternoon and even while the ghosts and goblins plied the street of Lilly in search of candy treats. There were at least 210 Trick or Treaters on Piper and Harris Streets.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel church will be hosting a Stuffed Pok Chop Dinner on Sunday, November 7 from 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM at the church hall. Dine in is $9 adult and $4.50 children under 12. All take out is $9. Call 844-0207 or 937-7053 for further information.
The Knights of Columbus Lilly Lodge is conducting a Christmas candy sale with orders due by November 16.Order forms are available after all masses at the Lady of the Alleghenies Church and Chapel this weekend. Place an order and help a good cause by calling Deb Kozak at 886-8296, May Lou Custer at 886-7468 , Patty Nagy at 886-7374 or Shirley Patterson at 886-7213.

The Knights have Chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate covered raisins, Chocolate/peanut butter melt-a-way fudge, chocolate covered pretzel rods, White Chocolate peppermint bark, hand dipped Chocolate covered cherries and Holiday Lollipops. Enjoy! Pick up and sale will be held December 13 and 14 in the church hall.

Today, October 30, finds Ed Ziemba , Marissa Myers and Cindy Caputo observing their birthdays as will Vera Hufford, Douglas Custer, Michael Summerville, Chris Wheeler and Ronald Wissinger on the 31st.On November 1 Mackenzie Behe, Jacob Martynuska and Travis Nadolsky get to party as will Kimberly Boom and Susan Filak on the 2nd. Carrie Mitsko gets to enjoy cake and ice cream on the 3rd as will Pearl Behe ( who will be 93) and Sandra Moyer on the 4th. Both Blanche Marks and Joseph Smorto observe birthdays on the 5th. Happy Birthday to All!
John and Joyce Pyo observe their wedding anniversary today, October 30.Bill and Joanne Dunmyer celebrate on November 5th. Happy Anniversary to both couples!

Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, November 4.

You are an old timer if you remember the Firemen Park on Cemetery Street.r


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