Nov 292012

ADVANCE NOTICE Our Lady of Mount Carmel National Catholic Church will once again be hosting a New Years Eve Dance and Party at the Cassandra Fire Hall on December 31st. More details next week.

TREE LIGHTING The 26th annual Lilly Tree Lighting ceremony was held Saturday evening. Although it was biting cold there was a nice turn out for both the lighting and the sleigh rides. Santa arrived on a fire truck to kick of the Yule season here.

More adults and children than usual enjoyed the sleigh ride with teamster Ernie Alwine of Misty Haven Stables driving his two white percherons throughout the long evening along the streets of Lilly. This year both snow on the ground and a falling snow added to the holiday cheer. Despite the frigid cold air many youngsters seemed well pleased with the evening ride.

Note: After having his horses and sleigh here on Saturday night Ernie had them at Bedford Springs on Sunday afternoon. While in line for the start of a parade his horses bolted as a band began playing music. Ernie was thrown under the carriage and was flown by helicopter to Conemaugh Hospital to be treated for his injuries. His helper, his daughter, was slightly hurt. To send him a Get Well card: Ernie Alwine Misty Haven Carriage 2421 Carpenter Park Road Davidsville PA 15928.

NATIVITY The Nativity arrangements that were on display at St. Luke’s on Saturday evening were also well received. The project, started by Alicia Palko, was well received and expectations are for it to be part of future Light Up programs. In Prague, Czechoslovakia Nativity scenes are a special large part of the Holiday celebration. Credit goes to the Lilly Bank for having a Nativity display at the front of the building.

I get very angered each time I hear of the atheists trying to stop these Christmas Nativity scenes each year in different places in the United States.

BAKING I came out of retirement Saturday to help daughter Cindy with some Christmas roll baking. My assignment was to grind five ponds of walnut which eventually made into 16 rolls. Grand daughter Kiera helped her with the apricot rolls. Cindy tried a new roll mix that was my Aunt Clara’s and it worked out well. Next session is for prune and poppy seed.

On Wednesday Cindy, Cathy, Natalie and Jackie and grandkids got together at Cindy’s to make pumpkin and apple pies. I have apple pies down to a science peeling enough apples (three kinds) to fill my large roaster. This makes six pies in 9” pans.

BIRTHDAYS Today November 29th finds Lucille Campagna and Taylor Tomlinsom celebrating their birthdays followed by Demi Russian on the 30th. On December 1 Robert Bennett Jr, and Amy Stauski celebrate as will Barbara Bart, Brad Phillips and Priscilla Sibis on the 2nd. Kim McConnell gets to party on the 3rd. The Fourth is a busy day as Ryan Behe, Paul Booterbaugh, Catherine Davison, Joseph Ditosti, my nephew Colin Nesbella and yours truly all celebrate as will Charles Mulhearn and Edward Myers on the 5th. Happy Birthday to All.

ANNIVERSARIES James and Mary Kozak celebrate their wedding anniversary on November 29th followed by Marilyn and Rick Nadolsky and Frank and Joan Sibis on December 1st. Happy Anniversary to each couple.

CALENDARS The 2013 Lilly-Washington Historical Society calendars are available at Galls Insurance Agency. Also available are Lilly History Books, Military History books and Cookbooks, all which make nice Christmas gifts.

OLD TIMER You are a Lilly old timer if you went to school at the Dutch town, Behe, Zoskey or Brown Schools. Many old-timers also went to the Scanlan Hill and Riley schools.


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