Nov 252013

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Best wishes to all readers for a very happy Thanksgiving. It is always an enjoyable time of the year bringing many families together from other wise hectic schedules. Sit back and enjoy the Macy parade, a fine dinner and then some football.



Saturday Evening November 30th beginning at 5:00 PM Misty Haven Stables will be providing horse and sleigh rides in town. This year there will be a 12 passenger sleigh. Rides are only $3 a person and can be arranged at Galls Insurance on Friday, the 29th. Bring the kids and grandkids plus an afghan or blanket if its real cold. Rides start at the Ambulance building



The annual Homecoming Tree Lighting ceremony will be held at 7:00 PM at the Ambulance building. If it is too cold the event will be held in the building at the ambulance bays .Santa will be at the Borough building following the program



Immediately following the tree lighting ceremony there will be a “Festival of the Nativity” held at St. Lukes Church. Many mangers both modern and old fashioned and some from foreign countries will be on display until 10:00 PM. The public is invited.



Although Governor Corbett had promised no tax increases that isn’t really the case. With the just passed transportation bill in Harrisburg a wholesale tax on gasoline of up to twenty eight cents will be added along with increases in driver’s license fees and auto plate rate increases. If these are not tax increases what are they? And he wants to be governor for another term. He will not get my vote, especially over the Cresson SCI closing.



Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Mary Ellen (Forst) Ehrhart who recently passed away. She was a daughter of the late Andrew and Marie Forst who raised their family in Barkertown.



It is now the time of year to pay annual Legion Post dues. Post members are ask to submit their dues as soon as possible to help make Adjutant (Melvin Fees) job easier. Social members can now pay their dues to the bartender any time.



Florence Stevens celebrates her birthday on Thanksgiving Day November 28th followed by Lucille Campagna and Taylor Tomlinson on the 29th and Lori Rainey on the 30th. December 1 is party time for Amy Stauski followed by Barbara Bart and Priscilla Sibis on the 2nd. Then on the 3rd Anthony Ronan and Kim McConnell celebrate. Happy Birthday to All!



Regis and Joan Kimback observe their wedding anniversary on Thanksgiving Day followed by James and Mary Kozak on the 29th. Haooy Anniversary to both couples.



On Saturday my daughter Cindy and granddaughter, Kiera Nadolsky, began their annual ritual of baking rolls for the family. They started with nut rolls and made sixteen. My minor job was grinding four pound of walnuts while Cindy and Kiera kneaded dough and rolled it out. Their season isn’t over as there are more nut rolls to bake along with poppyseed, apricot and a prune roll for me. Thanks to both of them for a job well done.



The 2013 Lilly Area Decorating Committee Fund Drive letter was recently mailed to area residents. Any donation is helpful in decorating the community for the holidays and planting flowers in the spring along with other projects to make the area special. Your help is appreciated.



The Cambria Alliance EMS that has stations here in Lilly and in Cresson and Ashville became a larger organization on Monday, November 25 with the addition of Gallitzin and Tunnel Hill to its coverage area. Several Lilly area residents: Paul Sklodowski, Jerimy McIntosh and Kevin Hite run with the crews along with new EMT’s Tyler Glenn and Kristi Claar. James Leahey and Michael Eckenrode are on the Board of Directors.



For both old timers and the younger generations Thanksgiving remains a day of being thankful for what God has granted us. The day has not changed much over the years. Just recall the Thanksgiving dinners of your youth. They are usually the same today. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, a vegetable, sweet and white potatoes plus pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Enjoy!

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