Nov 212012

HAPPY THANKSGIVING Have a very nice Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow with family and friends. This is one of the earliest dates for the festivities.

BLACK FRIDAY Good luck to all the shoppers on Black Friday. There is no way I will go near Johnstown or Altoona for the day. I much prefer the quiet mornings before shoppers get out in full force. I wont leave Lilly on the 23rd except to dine at Cresson Springs.

TREE LIGHTING The annual Tree Lighting ceremony will be held at 7:00 PM at the Lilly Ambulance building on Main Street. Santa will arrive by fire truck to greet the many children in attendance. There will be cookies and cider at the Borough building following the ceremony. This event officially kicks off the Christmas season in Lilly.

The Decorating Committee that is the sponsor of the Tree Lighting event recently sent out fund drive appeals to residents of Lilly and the township. Your support helps keep the Christmas lighting through out town, the bank corner decorations and several other events in town.

SLEIGH RIDES There will be sleigh rides at the ambulance building from 5 PM until 9 PM. Misty Haven Stables will again bring their horses and sleigh for this nostalgic evening in town. Call Galls to book a ride or see me at the ambulance building from 5 PM on through until 9. This is the eighth year the sleigh rides have been held and we have yet to have snow on the ground for the occasion. Cold yes, snow no!

CALENDERS The 2013 Lilly-Washington Historical Society calendar can be picked up at Galls Insurance Agency. The cost is $2 for a members 1st calendar of the year and $3 for all others.

BIRTHDAYS Brian Davis celebrates his birthday on November 23rd followed by Hannah Glenn on the 24th and Fred Behe on the 25th.The 26th will be a busy day as Joseph Gides, Deb Hartline, James Lego, Bernard Phillips and Sara Stauski all observe birthdays as will James Lingafelt, Rick Nadolsky, Barbara Pysher and Williard Wilkinson V on the 27th. Florence Stevens and Vicky Durkay get to party on the 28th. Happy Birthday to All.

ANNIVERSARIES Gertrude and Russ Leap observe their wedding anniversary on November 22nd followed by Deborah and Robert Rabatin on the 23rd and Don and Frances George, Fred and Gloria Kuntz and Patricia and Tom Muldoon on the 25th. Joan and Regis Kinback celebrate on the 28th. Happy Anniversary to All

OLD TIMER You are an Old Timer if you remember when the Italian Club was open on Piper Street or you held your class play or played basketball at the Italian Hall across the street.

CHALLENGED John Sweeney from Cresson told me he remembered going to Al Greens with his dad (Moose) to have deer butchered. He said he wasn’t an old timer (yet) as he is only 57. I told him he can still join AARP.

IDIOT Did you read about the Pennsylvania Scholastic Hockey Official who ordered a ban on the National Anthem being played or sung before High School Hockey games in western Pennsylvania? The public outrage forced him to reverse the ban. The idiot still should resign or be fired. He doesn’t belong in any public position.


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