Nov 152012

PENN CAMBRIA FOOTBALL The season is now over. Penn Cambria ended the 2012 Football season with a respectful 6-5 record this year. There were many very good games and a couple disappointments. Too many injuries to some of the best players haunted the team all season. We, however, can be justly proud of these varsity players who gave us an exciting year of football. Look for Jake Hurley to excel the next two years. For a sophomore he played excellent games and made many important plays.

VETERANS DAY Son Steve and I took a trip to my son John’s home in Edgewater Md on Saturday. While there we got to see the new home he is leasing on the Chesapeake Bay and also his company warehouse in Edgewater. A private beach adorns the back yard of his new home with plenty of space for fishing and crabbing. I look forward to visiting him in the early summer.

On Sunday morning, November 11th , Steve and I ventured over to Washington to visit the Vietnam, Korean and WWll memorials, It was a beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the 70s. There were nice crowds at all three sites The First Air Calvary had an exceptionally large group of visitors to the Vietnam Memorial. They stand out with their Calvary hats and a yellow shoulder patch with a black horse on it. They were originally the 11th Air Assault Division at Fort Benning, Georgia until being sent to Vietnam in the fall of 1965 as the 1st Air Cav.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY The Lilly-Washington Historical Society will meet tonight, November 15, at the Lilly Borough Building at 7:00 PM. We are seeking new board members to fill vacancies. If you have an interest in community history why not come aboard?

Looking for Christmas gifts! Copies of the Lilly History Book, the Military History Book and the Lilly Cook Book can be purchased at Galls Insurance Agency.

SLEIGH RIDES You can also sigh up for a spot on the roster for the Horse and Sleigh rides to be held Saturday evening from 5 until 9:00 PM. Cost is $5 a person or $20 for a sleigh full, up to 6 riders. Bring the kids out for a memorable event, they will enjoy it. While here stay for the Tree Lighting ceremony at 7:00 PM at the ambulance building.

BIRTHDAYS Today, November 15th is party time for Robert Koval, Tyler Prebish, Mark Przybys, Joyce Pyo, James Steberger, Alex Walters, Joanna Driskel and Sarah Wilson as they celebrate their birthdays followed by Ron George and Tabitha Sibis on rhe 17th and Krisa Miklinski, Helen Cameletti, Cristy Koval and John Weber on the 18th.

On November 19th Cory Burkett , Robin Lee, Walter Nadolsky. Taylor Rabatin and Dominic Stiffler get to party as will Caleb Hurley, Noah Jones, Diane Kusick and Chris Mulhearn on the 21st. Happy Birthday to All.

ANNIVERSARIES Special anniversary greetings are sent to Paul and Doris Erzal who are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary on November 21st. Other anniversaries this week include Michael and Shelley McIntosh, today the 15th; Andrew and Josephine Lysic and James and Sonja Moyer on the 20th and Carmella and James Drass on the 21st. Happy Anniversary to Each Couple.

OLD TIMER You are an old timer if you played poker at Joe Misiura’s garage on Sunday mornings.


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