May 082014

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick    886-4694        


The Third Annual Lou Davies Pancreatic Cancer Walk sponsored by the Griffith Family Foundation

Will be held Saturday, May 17th at Mansion Park in Altoona. Registration will begin at 11:00 A.M at the park and is $30 a person with children under 12 Free. All proceeds will benefit Dr. A. James Moser and the ’AFFPC’ Pancreatic Cancer Research. Thanks in advance from the Griffith Family Foundation and Suzanne Davies.



The annual War Memorial Recognition Dinner will be held on Saturday, May 24th at 6:00 P.M. at the Our Lady of the Alleghenies Church hall.  This year’s recognitions will be presented to George and Elaine Klayko and Jerry Glass (posthumously). Also recognized will be Lilly Borough and Washington Township. For dinner tickets call Robert Monahan at 886-4656 or Joe Gides at 886-4443.



Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church will be hosting a Meat Loaf Dinner on Sunday, May 18 from 11:00 A.M. until 200 P.M. at the church on Hilltop Street. Cost is $9.00 adult and $4.50 children.  Take outs are $9.00.  Call 884-0205.



Got the gambling urge? Our Lady of Mount Carmel will be hosting a Money –Rama on June 8th at the church pavilion. Tickets, which include dinner, can be purchased for $20 by calling 937-7053 or 886-2375. Joe Gribbons will D.J. the afternoon event.



Fred Davis spent three weeks in the Lilly area visiting family and friends. He is a 1959 graduate of Lilly High School and resides in Seattle, Washington. His brother, Jim, and sister-in-law Patti (Olsick) Davis reside in Lilly



The sympathy of the entire community is extended to the family and friends of Matthew Bart who recently passed away. Matt was a graduate of Mount Aloysius College and was a state archery champion.

Sympathy is also extended to the family and friends of Rick Handel from Jimtown who recently passed away. Rick was a veteran and retired from the U.S. Postal Service. His wife, Carolyn (Archihowsky) was from Lilly.



The first reported hummingbird in town this year was in Shirley Patterson’s yard on Jones Street. The bird arrived on May 1. Out in the township however one was seen in my sister Monica’s yard on April 16 before she had her feeders out. I have been watching but haven’t seen any at my feeder yet. I did however see a pair of Grosbeaks. The finches that I see daily have a beautiful yellow color at the present time.



Today, May 8 finds Jolie Diptko, James Davis, Rosemary Kertes, Marilyn McCoy, William McCoy and Joe Paney celebrating birthdays as will John Latoche Sr., and Joshua Nadolsky on the 9th. May 10 will be a busy day as Brianna WQest, Larry Behe, Linda Behe, Lillian Duke, Devlin Glen, Margo Kiel, Christina Quinn and Joanne Regan all get to party. Mercedes McIntosh, Daniel Sibis and Diane Waksmunski party on the 11th and Nicole Selip and Jean Lasinski celebrate on the 12th followed by Peggy Beck, Richard Giraud, Joan Kinback, Gloria Kuntz, Dorothy McCool, Debbie McCarthy and Susan Wilson on the 13th. Happy Birthday to All!



Last week I erred when I wrote up the anniversaries. Several readers noted my error in saying Mike and Betty McCarthy celebrated their anniversary. It was actually class mate Mike Phillips and his wife Betty who were celebrating.

Others from the Class of 61, Joe Zurilla and his wife Beatrice (Wilk), observed their 50th wedding anniversary recently.

Eric and Cindy Brickley celebrate their wedding anniversary today, May 8 followed by Mary and Matt Boland on the 9th and John and Roxann Seymore on the 12th.

Happy Anniversary to All!



Remember when kids would line the streets waiting for a wedding party to pass by and throw out pennies.

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