May 072015


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This Sunday, May 10, is Mother’s Day. It is a time to show your appreciation to the most important person in your life. Send her flowers, candy or a small gift,. and say “Thanks Mom”.

Shirley Patterson saw her first hummingbird on April 29, however her feeders were emptying before then. My sister Monica saw her first hummingbird out in Dutch town on May 2. I put my feeder out and am patiently watching.

Bear are still around also. My son in law Don Nadolsky saw one near the Lilly Borough reservoir just last week. Hibernation is over. Wildlife Galore! Son-in-law Bryan Rabish got a spring gobbler plus an almost 2 foot brook trout.

I ventured to the Holy Rosary Church in Juniata on the 3rd for my grandchildren Deric and Laura Reeds First Holy Communion. There was a nice family turnout for their special day.

On Sunday, May 17, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church will be holding a Stuffed Meatloaf dinner from 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM at the Hilltop church. The price for a delicious meal is $9 adult, $4.50 children under 18 and children under 2 are free. All takeout’s are $9.00 Call 886-0205.

Civil protest can be understood and tolerated. But the outright vandalism, car burnings, assaults, arson and looting that recently occurred in Baltimore is out right disobedience to the law and order of the community and a crime. All responsible should be arrested and prosecuted.

These sunny warm days are great as the warm weather brings out the flower and tree blooms. Alas it also brightens the excessive junk. It is time to get rid of this junk in many yards in the community. I would hope these individuals would take pride in the community and get rid of it. It is so unsightly, hazardous and disgraceful. It is also time to get rid of junk cars. Let’s be Lilly Proud.

Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Camilio Cammaretta who died last week. Sympathy is also extended to the family and friends of Rita Schmidt of Bensalem PA., she died on April 30. She was well versed on the George family history of which she was a part, her dad, Arthur George, was a Lilly native. Rita had spoken at the George family seminar held during the Bi-centennial celebration here in 2006.

Today, May 8, finds Jolie Dipko, James Davis, Rosemary Kertes, Sharon Martynuska, Joe Panek, Marilyn McCoy and Bill McCoy celebrating their birthdays today as will John Latoche Sr., and Joshua Nadolsky on the 9th. The 10th is a very busy day for the cake bakers as Brianna West, Larry Behe, Linda Behe, Lillian Duke, Devlin Glenn, Margo Kiel, Christina Quinn and Joanne Regan all celebrate.Mercedes McIntosh parties on the 11th. On May 13 Peggy Beck, Richard Giraud, Joan Kinback, Gloria Kuntz, Dorothy McCord and Susan Wilson observe their birthdays. On the 14th it will be party time for Mary Lou Custer, Gerald Duke, John Gides and Michael Sawinski. Happy Birthday to All!

Michael and Celeste McCoy observe their wedding anniversary on May 10. Best Wishes!

The Lilly-Washington War Memorial banquet is May 23 at 5:30 at Our Lady of the Alleghenies Church Hall. Tickets are only $10 and can be obtained from Joe Gides. Enjoy an evening out with our communities World War Two veterans.

You are an old timer if you sold Poppies along Main Street as the War Memorial Day parades lined up for the annual march to the ball field.


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