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Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

On Monday May 25 at 11:00 AM the Lilly American Legion and Lilly/Washington War Memorial Association will conduct the annual War Memorial service at the War Memorial Field. This year’s program will pay homage to the Valiant Twenty-Eight who gave their lives with others during WWII. A Red Maple Tree has been planted along the fence line in their honor. The tree replaces the grove of trees that were along the entry way and were taken down as the aging trees, planted in 1949 were rotting out and branches breaking off. Mali Prebish, a Penn Cambria student will sing the National Anthem to start the day’s events. James Steberger, Lilly Legion Post 628 Commander will present the Americanism Awards to an eighth grade girl and boy. He then will present scholarships given by the Lilly American Legion to three students whose scholarships were selected by Legion judges. The students will read their scholarships to the assembly. Robert Monahan will address the gathering about the Valiant Twenty-Eight history. The annual War Memorial banquet being held at Our Lady of the Alleghenies on Saturday, May 28th, will also pay honors to the Valiant Twenty Eight

The flowers ordered through the Historical Society will be placed on the graves on May 28th.There was an error with addresses in the newsletter so the post office had returned several to the senders, my apologies.

A special notice goes out to the men/women who annually volunteer their time putting the American Flags on Veteran gravesites and throughout town on the telephone poles. It is always welcoming coming into any town to see all the flags being flown up and down the streets. The sight of the graves with the American Flags is always bitter sweet. These volunteers are noticed not only in Lilly but also to our neighbors in Cresson, Portage, etc. Hundreds if not thousands of flags are placed just in our area alone. This is no easy task for these men/women who go out to make sure the flags are flown prior to Memorial Day. A sincere Thank you for your time and service in ensuring the graves are marked and honored for their service. Many of those who do this patriotic chore each year are getting up in years. It is time for the veterans from the Iraqi and Afghanistan conflicts to jump on board and join the Legion and/or VFW

Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Arlene (Habas) Wilt who recently passed away. She attended school and graduated from Lilly/Washington High School and resided in Duncansville. Sympathy is also extended to the family of Marie Bowman.

Happy birthday to all those celebrating this week: Lori Krug, Nance Rowe, and Brent Smith on May 26th. Linda Cropsey, Troy Logan, Dominec Ricupero, and Mary Gorba all celebrated on May 28th. Bill Claar has a birthday on Sunday, May 29. Andrew Glenn, Walter Huberney, and Justin Spaid all on May 30th. May 31st Brandon Erhenfeld, Rudy McCarthy, Andrew Siedlarczyk, Tina Stauski, and Adyn Tremel all celebrate another birthday.

On May 30th Beverly and Chuck Mulhearn and on May 31st David and Peggy Beck celebrate another anniversary. On June 1st Glenn and Peggy Marinak also enjoy another year together. Happy Anniversary to these couples.

You are an old timer if you remember when Thomas Duffy and George Rhawn, both WWI Veterans, took part in the Memorial Day Parades.

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