Mar 062014

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Mike “Dewey” Kertes downed a very large wild hog while on a hunting trip to the Carolina’s. His son, Harold, was along with his daughter Sydney. She got to see some wild pigs but didn’t get a shot this year. I am sure she will try again.


The Lilly-Washington Public Library has mailed their 2014 fund drive notice to borough and township residents this past week. Be generous in your support as they can really use some help. The library sponsors the annual Easter Egg hunt plus a summer reading school for children among many other programs.


I awoke on Monday, the 3rd, expecting to be snowed in due to the past week of weather predictions. Wheeeeew! The snow stayed well south of Lilly. Thank God. Now hurry up spring.



 March 6, finds Judy Arnold, Ed Brown. Nicholas Cassisi and Chad Pysher celebrating their birthdays as will Madison Clinemyer, Lillian Krull and Bill Leahey on the 7th. The 8th will be party time for my sister Monica Barlick, Bryan Ehrenfeld and Richard Perron,Jr. The 9th Jean Albarano,  Jonathan Bossler, Christopher Boast, George Noel, Tim Salony, Mark Stiffler and Holly Tremel all get to party as will Kathleen Bost, Randy Myers and Olivia Sklodowski on the 10th. March 11 will find Crystal Steck, Rose Marie Nagle and Joseph Suchta  enjoying cake and ice cream. Joe will be 93. Judy Ehrenfeld celebrates on the 12th. Happy Birthday to All!



You are an old timer if you remember when Bill Behe was the mechanic at Leaps garage and also served as a township supervisor.

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