Mar 272015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

The heavy snowfall last Friday dampened the planned clean up at the Lilly-Washington War Memorial field. The cleanup day will be held March 28 starting at 8:00 AM. Parents, coaches, team members and board members are ask to help out during the morning. Bring a rake and gloves and enjoy the brisk morning air with your friends making the field first class for this ball season.

The Lilly-Washington Public Library will be hosting its annual Easter Egg Hunt this Saturday, March 28 at 1:00 PM at the firemen’s pavilion on Rail Road Street. There will be 5 categories for children from infant to age 11. Bring a basket or bag and need less to say children only are to gather eggs.

Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of David “Shorty” McConnell who passed away last week. He grew up on the Lilly Level and was a Marine Corp veteran. He and I both traced part of our ancestry to Michalina and Frank Nadolsky from Krakow, Poland.

The Sankertown VFW which is Lilly’s home post, held nominations for 2015-2016 officers on Wednesday, March 18. Those nominated include: Commander, Michael Hoover; Sr. vice commander, Keith Myers; junior vice commander, John Barlick Jr.; Quartermaster, Dennis Wyland. Three year trustee (one to be elected) Ray Hoover and Denise Roberts. Chaplain, Eric Conrad Judge Advocate, Ray Hoover and Denise Roberts. Surgeon, Larry Wade. Tom Williams was appointed Service Officer and Rick Proudfit was appointed Sergeant at Arms. The election will be held at the Post on Sunday, April 26 from noon until 4 P: M.

After that heavy snow on Friday the 20th it’s hard to believe all the snow is gone as I write this on the 22nd. Good riddance!

Sandra Burns, Joseph Smychynsky II and Robert Kunrod observe their birthdays today, March 26 followed by Lillian Guzic and Justin Offman on the 27th and Mia McCarthy and Ruth Motel on the 29th. On the 30th it will be party time for Jon Brickley, Gerald Behe and Frank Fordick. The 31st will be a busy day as Carmella Drass, Barbara Plazek, April Stombaugh, Megan Wheeler and Linda Wheeler all enjoy cake and ice cream. On April 1 Ray Claar Jr. gets to party. Happy Birthday to All!
You are an old timer if you regularly chased the greased pig around the ball field on field days


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