Mar 232016

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 86-4694

Enjoy the early spring Easter weekend. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air and the smell of the hyathins as they break the suface once again. Take a walk and enjoy the fresh breeze coming off the mountains blowing through the valley chasing away the leaves and dust from the prior winter.

The Lilly-Washington Public Library will be holding the annual Easter Egg Hunt for local children at 1:00 PM Saturday March 26 at the Firemen’s pavilion. Children will be divided in age groups. Please bring bags or baskets. Children are to gather their own eggs without assistance except for the youngest group.

The United Methodist church on Willow Street will have a Seven AM service on Easter morning. There will not be a 10:30 Sunday service. There will be a Maundy service at the sister church in Wilmore on Thursday evening.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel church will have a procession, washing of feet and a Mass at 4:00 PM. On Friday, March 25, there will be Veneration of the Cross, Mass of the pre-sanctified and opening of the grave at 3:00 PM and on Saturday there will be a vigil service at 2:30 PK followed by a Resurrection Mass with a Procession at 4:00 PM.

St. Lukes Lutheran church will have a Maundy service at 7:00 PM at the 1st United Church in Portage. On Good Friday there will be a Tenebrae here at St. Lukes with the Passion according to Saint John at 7:00 PM. On Saturday at St. Lukes at 8:00 PM there will be an affirmation of baptisms and Baptisms at St. Lukes followed by an Easter Vigil. On Sunday there will be a Sunrise service at 6:30 AM at St. Lukes and a 9:00 AM service at the 1st Lutheran Church in Portage. There will be no 11 A:M service at St. Lukes on Easter Morning, March 27th.

Our Lady of the Alleghenies Catholic Church will hold an evening Mass of the Lords Supper at 7:00 PM. On Thursday March 24th, On Good Friday there will be a 1:30 PM celebration of the Lords Passipn followed on Saturday by an Easter Vigil Mass at 8:30.On Easter Sunday there will be Masses at 8:00 and 10:00 A.M

April 25 will find Cynthia Giblock and Adrienne Rabatin celebrating birthdays as will Robert Kunrod, Sandra Burn and Joseph Smychynsky on the 26th and Lillian Guzic, Justin Offman, and Savanna Koval on the 27th. Jon Brickley celebrates on the 29th and Gerald Behe and Frank Fordick get to party on the 30th . March 31 will find Carmrlla Drass, Barbara Plazek, April Stombaugh, Megan Wheeler and Linda Wheeler enjoying cake and ice cream. Happy Birthday to All!

You’re an old timer if you participated in the doll show or the greased pig race at the field days at the War Memorial.

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