Mar 122014

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The Lilly-Washington War Memorial Association is planning a field clean up on March 22 beginning at 8:00 A.M. All members, coaches, players and parents are ask to donate a couple of hours to the cleanup effort. Most of the effort goes into gathering branches that have fallen during the winter and raking up debris.



March 17th will bring about another St. Patrick’s Day. I already have a new green t-shirt for the occasion Get out and join the fun. At least we don’t get as disorderly around here as they do at Penn State, IUP and the college in Massachusetts.



Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Thelma “Jeannie” (Kearney) Kodosky who passed away last week.



A reminder that miner name plaques can still be purchased for on the Miners Monument. Here is a chance to honor your dad, granddad or other relative. Forms can be picked up at Galls Insurance Agency.

Also the society is requesting picture suggestions for the 2015 calendar. Drop them off at Galls.  



March 14 Frank Sibis and Mason McCarthy will celebrate their birthdays followed by Lola Leap, Hadden Fleegle, Mason Fleegle, Josephine George and Greta Hurley on the 15th and Megan Filak. The 17th  Saint Patricks Day it will  be party time for Joseph Batdorf, Nellie Leap, Allura Nesbella and Shawn Stevens. March 18 will find Ed Costlow, Bobby Glenn, Arinna Walters and Frank Wyland enjoying cake and ice cream . The 19th Danielle Dunmyer, Richard Leja, Catherine Serre and Dayne Summerville all celebrate birthdays. Happy Birthday to All!



In 1906 Edward Leahey was hauling a load of coal for $2.20, in 1917 Brady Leahey hauled a load for $2.50.  Electric bills averaged $1.35 a month from the Klemstine Electric Light Heat and power plant here in Lilly in 1914 while water bills to the local Summit Water Company were .75 cent a month.

Speaking of light bills. I have a real bad taste for Penelec now. Not only do they still have their workers locked out and have brought in southern strike breakers to do the men’s work, they also don’t read meters. I complained to our state senator and Penelec then came out and read mine after four months. I had been overcharged and now have a credit coming .Now you hear of people getting bills upwards to a thousand dollars for the month of February. Something’s really wrong!



You are an old timer if you stopped for ice cream at Bierleys stand on the Ko-Ko-Mo or fished in the pay pond in the woods nearby.


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