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As promised I ventured along with my son-in-law Don Nadolsky on the Lilly Fire Company Poker Run on Lilly Mountain on June 1. The 3 ½ hour field trip on Don’s Land Rover was an adventure for sure as I got to see parts of the mountain range that I had never been to. Some areas were beautiful with timber that hasn’t been cut in years and others with a large growth of hemlock trees and ferns. This was nature at its finest.

The trails crossing the mountain varied from nice smooth runs to rocky beds full of rocks that heavy rains course over as streams. Some mud pits were shallower than they looked while others were deeper. There was no way to avoid getting your machine at least partly covered in mud.

Almost 300 hundred riders participated in the enjoyable day under clear skies and mild temperatures. Many were husband and wives while others were a family group or gang of friends. One rider ventured the whole way from Virginia to ride the trails while four others travelled from New York State. The Lilly firemen had completed an excellent marking of the trail and manned checkpoints throughout the day. They also had an impromptu car wash at events end to clean quads and also sandwiches, fries and drinks were available.

At age 70 I was one of the oldest riders and felt it at days end. Bouncing over rocks for 3 ½ hours plays on the lungs and aneurisms aside from a lot of pressure on the bladder. Fortunately I am hemorrhoid free and didn’t develop callouses on the rear either. Will I ride again? Most likely not!



Saturday, May 31 was time for a surprise 40th birthday party for my son-in-law Bryan Rabish. Held in my back lots there were about 40 family and friends present for the event that ran to the early hours of June 1. Several of his nieces, Kiera, Kianna and Kaylee along with nephew Connor and some friends were also on hand and enjoyed hunting for crayfish in Bear Rock Run.



Daughter Cathy, her mom Helen and Kiana and Kiera Nadolsky recently visited Disney World for a week. They took the auto train south. I think Cathy likes Disney more than her kids as she is always ready for a trip there. Her mom has been there twice this year. Once with Natalie and once with Cathy.



Don’t forget the Money-rama being held this Sunday, June 8th at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church pavilion on Hill Top Street. The event starts at 1:00 PM and goes until 5:00 PM. Dinner is served from 1 until 3. Come out and enjoy an afternoon of trying to win a few bucks and door prizes and having a good dinner.

Joe Gribbons will be the DJ for the afternoon. For last minute tickets call: 937- 7053



The Lilly Conrad Chiropractic/ Lilly American Legion City League team is hosting a fund raiser game for the Lilly- Washington Public Library on Sunday, June 15 starting at 5:00 PM at the Lilly War Memorial field. All gate donations, a basket raffle and 50/50 will go to the Library. Turn out and support a good cause.



The Lilly Library will be holding a summer reading program called: “Fizz. Boom and Read” starting on June 16. The event is free for the children. To register call 886-7543 or stop in at the library.



A lady was walking her dog last Thursday near the Lilly Coal pipes when she chanced upon a black bear. Needless to say she did not stick around the area. Be careful walking a dog, especially without a leash.


Other  matters I have received,  complaints have been made lately of people letting their dogs mess on other people’s property, including the Miners Monument, and not cleaning it up. This must stop or enforcement will be made.



Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Anna Mae (Lolita) Simala who recently died in Portage. She was a Lilly native.



 June 5 finds Marcelle Cooney, Stuart Custer, Olivia Guzic, Elizabeth Lasinski and William Mitsko celebrating their birthdays as will Jacqueline Bost, Richard Slebodnick, Sr. and Judy Smith on the 6th and Patricia Behe, James Drass, Peggy Marinak and John Patterson on the 7th. Marissa Conley celebrates on June 8 along with Regis Kinback.

Brian Risko gets to party on the 9th along with Amber Lee Butterbaugh, Josie Sawinski, Nancy Stombaugh and Jamie Williams. June10 it will be party time for Sis Risko, Jolene Sawinski and Justin Sweeney, June 10 will see Jolene Sawinski and Justin Sweeney celebrating birthdays. Happy Birthday to All!



Ronald and Linda Cropsey will observe their wedding anniversary on June 7th followed by Ryan and Theresa Brown on the 8th and Ed and Nancy Stombaugh on the 9th. The 10th will be a busy day as James and Patricia Davis, Joseph and Nancy Giblock, Joe and Mimi Kratzer and Ruby and Dina McCarty all celebrate wedding anniversaries. Best Wishes to All!



You are an old timer if you bought penny candy in Dollingers Store on Main Street

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