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Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694


The Lilly Firemen’s Carnival is going on through Saturday the 28th.I will be venturing down each evening for a hot sausage sandwich and fries. If you like funnel cakes stop in and get one, candy apples, sugar candy and popcorn can be found at Garbrick’s trailer.

If you like country music stop down Saturday night to hear Pistol Pegs and the Beer Kegs, a popular country group who will be playing at the gazebo. We, all, like a parade and the one in Lilly will be held on Friday night at 6:30 PM. Line up starts at 5:00 PM at the War Memorial field parking lot on Piper Street. The parade will move down Piper to Portage St. across Washington Street and up Main.


The Cambria County Firemen’s Association will be playing softball at the Lilly field starting at 8:00 AM Saturday the 28th and continuing all day as part of the 2014 convention being hosted in Cresson. Also on Saturday the Cresson convention Queen Contest will be held at 1:00 PM at the Cresson fire hall. Krista Claar and Karington Skoldowski will be representing the Lilly Fire Company in the competition.



If you like fireworks next week will be your time of enjoyment as Gallitzin hosts fireworks on July 3rd and Cresson as part of the convention activity’s has fireworks both on July 4th and 5th. The Sankertown VFW and Cresson American Legion are the sponsors of the Cresson shows. Also the Convention parade will be on July 5th in Cresson.


There will be a spaghetti dinner and a basket raffle at the Gallitzin Sportsman Club on July 13th starting at 11:00 AM for little Eli William Bender, son of Jason and Nicole (McClosky) Bender of Lilly who was recently severely burned at a campfire in Potter County. He had been flown to Allentown’s Burn Center and was hospitalized there. If you would like to donate a basket for the auction or buy dinner tickets call Sylvia Davies at 886-5058. Cash donations to help the family can be made at any S&T Bank in an account for Eli William Bender. (The account is already in place.)



If anyone wants to add a plaque to the miners monument in the name of a coal miner living or deceased try to get it in to Galls Insurance by July 10th to have it included by Labor Day. Also there are some old pictures at Galls from the late 30’s or early forties that the historical society would like help with identifying those show. Just stop at Galls and view them.



Had an opportunity this past week to talk with Janet Cramer on the phone. She is a classmate from the 1961 Lilly graduating class whom I haven’t seen or talked with since we graduated from high school. Janet lives in Ohio and will be visiting her sister here soon.


Recent studies by both Hong Kong University and Indiana University came to the conclusion that Pennsylvania had the 5th highest corruption in government of the 50 states. Illinois ranked right with them. The other three highest were in the Deep South. Way to go PA, not unexpected in the least.



Anita Inman celebrates her birthday today, June 26 along with Judy Butterbaugh, James C. Martino and Mike Zumer Jr., then on the 27th Lauren Giraud, Gary Glenn, Sam J. Podrasky and Doris Kuntz celebrate as will Mary Ann Sklodowski and Rebekah Podrasky on the 28th. Ronda Ansler gets to party on the 29th and then it’s a busy day on the 30th as Laurie Miller, Dina McCarthy, Tricia Muldoon, Christine Peterso and Delores Skura all get to party. Happy Birthday to Nathan Hoover, Heather Jones. Anna Leahey and Dorothy Phillips on July 1st and William Noga and, Dana Ronan on the 2nd. Best Wishes to All!


Gerald and MaryLou Behe and Jeremy and Joy Eckenrode celebrate wedding anniversaries on June 26th followed by Angie and Gary Glenn, Faber and Madeline Conrad and Ray and Lillian Guzic on the 27th. On the 28th Barbara and Robert Leap celebrate along with Bryan and Joyce Offman. June 29 finds James and Anna Leahey celebrating along with William and Agnes McCarty. Then on the 30th it is Chad and Barbara Pyshers turn to remember their wedding day.

There are a lot of dinner dates on July 1 as Richard and Debbie Giraud, Anna and Walter Mardula, Carrieand William Mitsko and Paul and Sandra Moyer observe their wedding anniversaries as will Jane and Ted Kunko and Anna and George Wozniak on the 2nd. Happy Anniversary to All!

You are an old timer if you remember when carnivals were held at the War Memorial parking lot. (Early 1950’s)

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