Jun 112013


Congratulations to the 138 graduates of the Penn Cambria Class of 2013. Best wishes to each student as they pursue future endeavors. There were many parties held for the graduates over the past weekend. I was able to attend two, both on Sunday, June 9th. The two were parties for Nathan Keagy and grandson Nathan Przybys. Each was a well attended event with many family. friends and classmates present, plus the food was great both places.


Congratulations to my daughter Cathy Nadolsky on passing her state nursing boards on the first attempt. I accompanied her to Pittsburgh on June 5th as she nervously sat for the boards. The next day she was ecstatic to learn she had passed. She will pursue a nursing career at Conemaugh Health Systems.


Daughter Cathy, along with granddaughters Kiera, Kiana and Desiree and yours truly made a trip on Thursday, June 6th to Edgewater Maryland to celebrate my son Johns birthday. It rained all day Friday but was a mild summer day on Saturday the 8th so the girls got to enjoy the beach. We all enjoyed a seafood dinner on the evening of the 7th. Kiana was able to enjoy a full lobster dinner for the first time. We all sang happy birthday to John.


The Mainline Garden Club is welcoming new members to the group. Also a couple volunteers are needed to help tend the gardens I;e pull the weeds at the Miners Monument and Butterfly garden. Call Alyssa Walters at 736-7333 for more information.


The Lilly-Washington High School class of 1963 will hold a 50 year re-union on Saturday, August 31st here in Lilly. They are planning to have an alumni dance at the Sokols at 9:00 PM with a special invitation being extended to all graduates of Lilly High School to attend.


Mark your calendar for the upcoming Lilly Fire Company carnival to be held June 25th through June 29th. This annual event is always a good time to visit Lilly and meet old friends and make new ones. I will do a nightly trip for a hot sausage sandwich.


Gina and Dave Bender recently returned home after visiting Daves sister Peggy in Hawaii. It was a first time airplane trip for both. Sounds like the couple got to see many sights while there including the famous Diamond Head Mountain in Honolulu.


Today, June 13th finds Joan Cloherty and  Douglas Stauski Jr. celebrating birthdays as will Jacob Digman,  Harry Behe, Mary Edna Filak, Marion Phillips and Stanley Skura on the 14th and Shane Burkett, Gianna Caputo, Gabriel Irving and Kathleen Hooder on the 15th. Then on June 16th it is party time for Emma Claar, Gina Bender,  Jean Bradley, Robert Courtot and Jessie Skura. On the 17th it will be cake and ice cream time for Debbie McCool, Mary Nagle, Patty Nagy, Joanne Leap, Edith Dibosky and Olivia Sawinski. Then on the 18th Lacey Behe, Julia Craine,  Edward Krug and Matt Madigan celebrate birthdays followed by John Bossler, Linda Conley, Joseph Costlow and Joan Latoche on the 19th. Happy Birthday to All!


A special anniversary greeting is extended to Francis and Dorothy Conrad who will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary on June 14th.

Today, June 13th finds Christopher and Barb Martino observing their anniversary followed by Robert and Lori Bennett on the 14th and James and Irene Krumenaker and James and Patricia Steberger on the 15th, On the 16th Patrick and Dorothy McCool celebrate as will James and Imy McMullen on the 17th followed by Jerry and Lisa Segada and Douglas and Tina Stauski on the 18th. Then on June 19th Edward and Rosemary Kertes observe their anniversary. Happy Anniversary goes out to each couple.


A respected reader pointed out to me that I had my grandson Nathans last name wrong in last weeks’ article. I can hardly claim a typo so it must be absent mindedness, failure to proof read close enough or just possibly the onset of Alzheimer’s. Take your pick.


You are an old timer if you were old enough to drink beer at the firemen s carnival in 1972 when Garbrick first brought his carnival to Lilly.

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