Jul 142015

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God was great to us this past weekend limiting the rain hours to earlier in the day on Saturday and Sunday making for pleasat days for cook outs, get-together and fireworks. Friday I ventured through the drizzle to see some fireworks in lower Dutchtown and then headed up to Gallitzin to view their colorful show.
Saturday afternoon and evening my son in law Donnie Nadolsky had a large cook out in my back lots. Most of his family, my daughters Cindy, Cathy and Jackie, their mom, Helen, and brother Steve along with many friends stopped by for the party that lasted late into the night. Then on Sunday I ventured up to the party at the polish church that was honoring Joe and Phyllis Podrasky’s 55th wedding anniversary. A sun filled sky greeted all the visitors who got to enjoy a very delicious chicken and halupki dinner, dance to music and socialize with many friends of the Podrasky’s.

The Lilly American Legion will hold their annual picnic on Sunday, July 26 at the Post yard on Jones Street. Sign up in advance at the Legion for a day of good fun and companionship.

Earlier in the year I placed a blue bird house in my back lots. This week end my son Steve informed me that a blue bird has moved in. Progress! I hope to add another house to the other end of the yard for next spring.

A question has been raised to me that I can’t answer. The Lilly Bank closes at noon on Thursdays. Years ago all the stores in town closed on Thursday afternoons. Does anyone know why?

Today, July 9 finds neighbor Trisha Behe, Allison McConnell, Patrick Behe and Janet

Franey celebrating birthdays followed by Diane Beshop, Deb Kozak, George Nesbella, and Sharon Zoskey on the 10th. It will be party time for Carol Albarano, Regina Leja, Kathryn Martynuska, Agnes McCarty and Tami Wissinger on the 11th. On the 12th Matthew Corwin, Jonah Diehl, Debbie Giraud and Patricia Steberger.On the 13th Andrea Szala celebrates. Then on the 14th it will be cake and ice cream for Amandi Soni, Joseph Behe and Regis Tremel. On the 15th Kim Gides, Glenn Marinek and Donna Panek celebrate. Happy Birthday to All!

Wedding Anniversaries this week include Catherine and William Weakland on the 9th, Cindy and Donald Hartline and Fran and Thomas Kodosky on the 11th, Christine and William Patterson and Delores and Stanley Skura on the 12th. Jeffrey and Crystal Hite on the 13th and Robert and Theresa Shedlock on the 14th. On the 15th Daniel and Claudine Falger and Mary Ann and Walter Hoberney observe their anniversaries. Happy Anniversary to Each Couple.


Have you noticed the beautiful mountain laurel in full bloom lately? There were several large bushes with glorious white flowers along Memorial Drive last week. At Vicky and Steve Durkay’s home on Piper Street there were various colored lilies in full bloom, along with red roses. Very nice.

The children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of the late James and Virginia Muldoon got together on July 4 at Ron Muldoons on Main Street for a mini reunion. This reminds me of a teaching from grade school at St. Brigid’s “A family that prays together-stays together”’

Old tiMers will remember when Brady Leahey delivered house coal in the Lilly Area. He was also president of the Lilly Bank and the Lilly School Board.

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