Aug 042014

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694


This Saturday, August 2, will feature the Lilly Town Wide yard sale which will be starting at 9:00 AM.
Come join the hundreds of bargain hunters as they tour the town in search of treasure. Maps are available to help you find the hot spots. Call Nicole Boland at 288-9969 for further information. Also stop in at St. Luke’s for some tasty items from their bake sale or at the Lilly Firemen’s pavilion for a quick lunch. Have Fun!


The Triple AAABA tournament will be under way next week with at least two games being played at the Lilly field. One on Monday, August 4 and the other on Tuesday the 5th. These are always exciting events with the opportunity to meet visitors from different states who love to come to Lilly to compete. If nothing else get up to the field and enjoy their world renowned hot sausage sandwiches.


Some plaques are off the wall as they were sent back for repair, other new ones are on their way and should be up for Labor Day. I am told that the Women and Labor plaques are refurbished and will be re-installed at the Bank corner. Finally!

The Lilly-Washington Historical Society is attempting to identify those coal miners age 90 or older from the Lilly area who worked in the coal mines of the area including 3A, Lilly Coal, Pipers, Benscreek #2 and Sonman. Please give the names to Bev or Vicki at Galls, Jim Salony or myself as we intend to recognize these miners on Labor Day.


The Penn Cambria cheer leaders will be holding a bake sale and car wash on August 9 with a rain date of August 10. More details next week or ask any cheerleader.


There is much sadness in the community this week with the passing of Mary Ann Walters and Dorothy Mae Conrad. Both ladies were well known and liked by all. Lilly will be a sadder place without them.


Mark your calendar for the upcoming Polish picnic on August 17 sponsored by Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church at their Hilltop location. This annual event is one of the favorite happenings in the community. Be sure to stop by for some delicious polish food and enjoyable music.

Today, July 31 finds my good friend James Moyer observing his birthday along with Greg Talko. August 1 will be party time for Nathan Hoover, Heather Jones, and Dorothy Phillips. The 2nd will find Bill Noga and Dana Ronan partying as will Cody Boast and Margaret Kunrod on the 3rd. Brian Bart and Patrick Tremel observe birthdays on the 6th. Happy Birthday to All!


Fred and Sally Behe are celebrating their wedding anniversary today, July 31 followed by Bill and Marianne Wheldon on August 2 and Donald and Bernadette Hmiel on the 3rd. On August 4 Charles and Diane Bishop celebrate as will Steve and Vanessa Yanzetich and Michael and Susan Zumer on the 5th. Andy and Dana Ronan and Donald and Elizabeth Wilt observe their wedding anniversary on the 6th. Happy Anniversary to All.


I can’t say enough about the many beautiful flower gardens in the area. Vicki and Steve Durkay have some fabulous lilies in their yard and the butterfly garden looks great at the miner’s monument as does the large white containers at the War Memorial entrance. These were completed by the Mainline garden club. The center of town looks great thanks to the efforts of Anna Leahey, Sue Wilson, Bev Mandichak, Gina Bender, John Suchta and Chet Harker. We should all applaud their work in bettering the community.


You are an old timer if you remember buying three quarts of generic beer or two quarts of name brand beer for a buck.



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