Jul 292015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

This spell of warm weather has been enjoyable to most of us even though it forced me to buy a new air conditioner. Son, John also brought me one so now I feel like a polar bear in Alaska.

Keep watch for the Triple AAABA games coming soon. Usually there are two games here in Lilly which makes for some nice afternoons at the field. I will make a daily visit for the hot sausage sandwiches at the refreshment stand.

Trailing close behind will be the annual Polish Picnic sponsored by the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church at their Hilltop grounds .This is an event of the year that you do not want to miss.
Sunday, August 16th is the date.

Deepest sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Stanford Summerville who was a Lilly native, and a WW11 veteran. He resided in Tunnelhill with his wife Regina (McNally).

The Lilly-Washington Historical Society met on July 23. Two new directors were welcomed to the board, they being Ted Myers and Leeann Cannonie. The society discussed plans for the Spectacular Lilly Homecoming to be held July 2 and 3 next summer.

Today, July 30 finds Alex Diptko III, Heather Agosta, Donald Hmiel, Margaret McGarry and Susan Rambeau celebrating their birthdays followed by James Moyer, Matthew Glenn and Greg Talko on the 31st. Celeste McCoy gets to party on the 1st of August and Jeffrey Hite, Mimi Kratzer and Paul Sklodowski join in the fun on the 2nd.. Mary Obester and Steve Suchta enjoy birthdays on August 3. Happy Birthday to All!

Fred and Sally Behe observe their wedding anniversary on July 31. Bill and Marianne Wheldon observe theirs on August 2 followed by Donald and Bernadette Hmiel on the 3rd and Charles and Dianne Bishop on the 4th. Happy Anniversary to All!

You are a very old timer if you walked to school at the Riley School, Brown School, Dutchtown School, Behe School, Scanlan Hill School or Zoskey School. You may have even helped fire the pot belly stoves.

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