Jul 262014

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694 

The Lilly Fire Company was a sellout success. There was a large crowd at the pavilion on Saturday the 19th who enjoyed the spaghetti and hot sausage dinner along with the festivities. The sausage was great!

The Lilly town wide yard sale will be held on Saturday, August 2 starting at 9:00 AM. To get on the map that will be distributed by the decorating committee call Nicole Boland at 288-9969.This is always a great turn out event so if you have odds and ends to sale get with the program.

Also that day the Lilly Fire Company will be selling refreshments at the fireman pavilion and St. Luke’s Church will be holding a bake sale at the church. A busy day in town!

Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Geraldine Seidlarczyk who recently passed away. Also sympathy is extended to the family and friends of John Lecomte of Cresson who also passed away. John was a regular at Stiney’s dance hall when we were in high school.

The Triple AAABA Championship games will be playing in Lilly on August 4th and 5th. Plan now to enjoy some baseball and hot sausage sandwiches.

Don’t forget the Legion picnic being held on Sunday, July 27th at the Legion pavilion on Jones Street.

A belated birthday greeting is sent to Megan Razo who celebrated her birthday yesterday, July 23rd.

Today, July 24 is party time for Ray Bowman, Jr., Ken Lee, Sr., Elaine Klayko and Hannah Sibis. On the 25th Jay Stiffler, Sam Podrasky, Jr., and George Wozniak celebrate their birthdays as will Richard Lingafelt, Ann McCabe and Mindy Rosensteel on the 26th. On the 27th Les Kiel, John Mutsko and Annette Ditosti will be enjoying cake and ice cream as will Bonnie Gressick on the 28th. Stephanie Seymore celebrates on the 29th and on the 30th Heather Agosta, Donald Hmiel, Alex Diptko lll and Margaret McGarry enjoy birthdays. Happy Birthday to All!

Deborah and Mark Wilson observe their wedding anniversary on July 25 followed by Gerald and Shirley Wilson on the 26th, Marty and Judy Arnold on the 28th and Dominic and Juliana Ricupero on the 29th. Happy Anniversary to All.

You are an old timer if you regularly used an outhouse in your backyard, especially in the township.

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