Jul 192012

VETERANS BENEFIT SEMINAR This Saturday at 12:00 noon at the Lilly American Legion Post 628 on Jones Street there will be a seminar held by Max Roberts, a certified Disabled American Veterans Service Officer. The purpose of the seminar is to help veterans become aware of the benefits available and if they qualify. This is open to all veterans from the area and we especially invite those that have served in Afghanistan and Iraq and the Desert Storm Conflict. If you served in Viet-nam and are not aware of the Agent Orange presumptions and compensation this may be important to you. The question and answer seminar will last about two hours.

TOWN WIDE YARD SALE The Lilly area town wide yard sale will be coming up on Saturday, August 4th. Call Nadine Rodgers to get on the map that will be distributed to visitors. The cost is only $5 and helps publicize the event.I am told it is bumper to bumper traffic that day.

GREEN GRASS Take a walk or a ride up past the War Memorial Field. You will be presently surprised how green the grass is getting on the LABBA field. The fire company has been helping keeping the area watered and the few down pours lately also helped. Now to see the old boney pile turn green.

BIRTHDAYS Today, July 19 finds Daniel Falger, Rose Lego, Pat McCool and Rose Orlosky celebrating their birthdays followed by Joseph Smychynsky III, Colin Casile, Brianne Offman, Gary Risko and Karen Spaid on the 20th. Then Tina Latoche celebrates on the 21st. On the 22nd Ray Guzic Sr. Vic Costlow, and David Stossel get to party as will Jane Kunko on thje 23rd and Elaine Klayko and Hannah Sibis on the 24th. On July 25th Jeanne Kodosky, Sam Podrasky Jr.,Jay Stiffler and George Woznial all observe birthdays. Happy Birthday to All!

ANNIVERSARIES Cheryl and Jerry Bender celebrate their wedding anniversary on July 24th and Deborah and Paul Wilson celebrate on the 25th. Happy Anniversary to both couples.

OLD TIMER You are an old timer if you can remember buying a soda for a nickel and then getting 2 cents back for the bottle. Also if you remember nickel beer night on Thursdays at the Sokols.


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