Jul 112013


Frances Hershel along with her niece, Sandra (Costlow) Smith and Marsha Costlow with her daughter Victoria and son Preston and little Alexis Paul recently returned to Lilly after a vacation in North Carolina. They stayed in Jacksonville which is near the Marine base of Camp LaJuene. Frances had spent two tours of duty there. Besides visiting the base and its beach they did some sightseeing along the Carolina coast. The group visited both the beach and aquarium at Wilmington. A memorial vacation, especially for the children.


An informed source told me that the Pennsylvania Fish Commission has recently designated the Bear Rock Run above the pipes at Lilly Coal on up into the mountain as a Class A Wild Trout stream after conducting a survey of the aquatic life there. The PH is neutral at about 7.0 allowing good water for the fish. This is great news for sports loving residents; however Christy Run, running down from 3A, has a very poor PH, in the 4.0 range, causing damage where it runs. A sportsman group should look into salvaging this stream for the future. With the Class A designation the Bear Rock stream is off limits for logging and drilling vehicles from October through November each year as the wild brook trout spawn then.


Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Joseph Kaputska Sr. who passed away in Johnstown. A Lilly native, he was a WWll veteran and a strong supporter of the Lilly Washington Historical Society. Sympathy is also extended to the family and friends of another Lilly native, Patricia (Slebodnick) Bollman who also passed away. 


If any one enjoys pulling weeds contact Jim Salony at 886-7282. He needs some help with the weeding at the Butterfly Garden at the Miners Memorial. The almost steady rain has hastened the growth of all vegetation, including the weeds.


Today, July 11 finds David Swain, Carol Albarano, Regina Leja, Kathryn Martynuska, Agnes McCarty and Tami Wissinger celebrating birthdays as will Matthew Corwin, Jonah Diehl, Debbie Giraud, Geraldine Siedlarczyk and Patricia Steberger on the 12th. Andrea Roberts celebrates on the 13th followed by Joseph Behe and Regis Tremel on the 14th.Kim Gides , Glenn Marinak, Chelsea Rice and Donna Panek get to party on the 15th as will Paul DFibosky Sr.,  Patricia Davis, Mary Martino, Ronald Martynuska and Malin Prebish on the 16th. Renee Myers, Ed Craine, Robert Hufford and Lily George celebrate on the 17th. Happy Birthday to All!


Cindy and Donald Hartline and Fran and Thomas Kodosky celebrate their wedding anniversaries on July 11 followed by Christine and William Patterson and Delores and Stanley Skura on the 12th. Then on the 13th Jeffrey and Crystal hite celebrate followed by Robert and Theresa Shedlock on the 14th and both Daniel and Claudine Falger and Walter and Mary Ann Hoberney along with Abe and Mandy Livai on the 15th.  Ken and Anna Brown celebrate their 53rd anniversary on the 16th. Best Wishes to each couple! 


You are an old timer if you remember the clay pigeon shooting range in Lower Dutchtown. You are nearing ancient status if you shot skeet there.

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick    886-4694

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