Jul 102014


Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-2694


There will be a lot of ball playing going on this weekend at the Lilly War Memorial field as six regular season Triple AAABA games will be played locally. These are not tournament games but are regular season.

On Saturday, July 12 there will be games at 10:00 AM, 12:30 PM and 3:00 PM while on Sunday, July 13 the games will be played at 12:00 noon, 2:30 PM and 5:00 PM. Come out and enjoy some exciting games.



Bill Wassil, Lilly High graduate in 1961, has recently published a book, “Bruised Grapes”, which includes illustrations and self-deprecating, humorous short stories from his time growing up in Lilly until present day life in Orlando, Florida, where he resides. Some of the stories and illustrations have been published in the Orlando Sentinel. This is a limited edition and copies can be purchased by either contacting class mate Emil Campagna or contacting Bill at Wassilarts@cfl.rr.com


The Cresson firemen and community went all out to put on an exceptional 93rd Cambria County Firemen’s Convention last week. The Grand parade on Saturday was very nice and included many fire trucks from within and outside the county. Some from out of county included Penfield from Clearfield County; Waterford from Westmoreland County and Imler from Bedford County. The Latrobe Fire Company Drum and Bugle Corp was in the parade and added a very colorful part as they marched by. The pipes and drums really added to the festive air of the evening. Ebensburg Dauntless, Conemaugh and Lilly Fire Companies all had a nice representation of firefighters and vehicles in the parade along with over thirty other companies. Good job Cresson.


Besides backyard fireworks and a lot of noise this was a Fourth of July weekend to remember. Thursday, son Steve and I ventured to Gallitzin and got to watch the fireworks show from the Borough building lot. Then on both Friday and Saturday I was able to watch them in Cresson from my daughter Jackie’s on Powell Ave. All three evenings were colorful shows with the grand finale on Saturday being my favorite.


Congratulations to Lilly’s own Paul Sklodowski on his election as president of the Cambria County and Vicinity Volunteer Firemen Association for 2014-2015. Four other Lilly men have served in the past as preident including William Richards in 1922, the founding year,; J.K. George in 1932; Edward George in 1939 and Michael Devett, Jr. in 1972.


The order is going in Friday afternoon for additional miner plaques to be installed on the monument before Labor Day. Contact Jim Salony at 886-7282 or stop at Galls Insurance to order one by noon Friday.


On July 19 the Lilly Fire Company will be hosting a Gun Fest at the local pavilion. This is usually a full hose event. You may still be able to get tickets to attend from any Lilly Fireman.


Diane Bishop, Deb Kozak, George Nesbella and Sharon Zoskey celebrate their birthdays today, July 10, while David Swain, Caro Albrano. Regina Leja, Kathryn Martynuska and Agnes McCarthy party on the 11th. Matthew Corwin, Jonah Diehl, Debbie Giraud, Geraldine Siedlarczyk and Patricia Steberger observe birthdays on the 12th. as will Andrea Roberts on the 13th and Joseph Behe and Regis Tremel on the 14th’

Kim Gides , Glenn Marinak and Donna Panek will have cake and ice cream on the 15th as will Patricia Davis, Mary Martino, Ronald Martynuska, Paul Dibosky ,Sr. and Malia Prebish on the 16th. Happy Birthday to All!


On July 11th Cindy and Donald Hartline along with Fran and Thomas Kodosky observe wedding anniversaries as will Christine and William Patterson and Delores and Stanley Skura on the12th. Jeffrey and Crystal Hite celebrate on the 13th as will Robert and Theresa Shedlock on the14th. Then on the15th Abe and Mandy Livia , Daniel and Claudine Falger and Mary Ann and Walter Hoberney all observe anniversaries .Happy Anniversary to All!


You are an old timer if you first saw “Gone with the Wind” or the “Longest Day” at the Lilly movie theater.

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