Jan 062016

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694


We made it to 2016! Happy New Year! If you haven’t made your new year’s resolution yet, think of “passing it forward”. It is always so nice to hear and see simple friendly gestures being made to folks in our community; what’s even nicer is when they themselves then pass it forward.

Well we made it through Christmas without notable snow but the white stuff decided to show up on New Year’s Day. The angels must have wanted to have a pillow fight to ring in the New Year.

At the time of this writing the majority of us within the region were smiling ear to ear with Pittsburgh’s win against Cleveland and the Jets loss to the Bills. Our neighbor’s in Buffalo helped out the Black and Gold this year. Thanks Buffalo! This coming Sunday we all need to have our Steeler gear ready to cheer them on against Cincinnati to keep them heading towards another Superbowl.

Today, January 7th Robert Maul, Jr., Chris Hartline, and Sandy Fiffick celebrate their birthdays. The 8th brings Dann Crum & Aviah Maul’s celebration. January 9th is Jonathan Stauski’s and the 10th is Donald Horners birthdays. Then on the 11th is Cheryl Sherbine, Emily Enderlein, Robert Abbotts, Jr. and Mimi Cole. The 12th Jason Cooper, Miche’ Irving and Ida Kerch, Joseph McKrush, and Terry Steward, Jr. all celebrate another year. Happy Birthday to everyone.

You know you are an old timer if you remember your father or your grandfather shaving with a straight razor and razor strap or if he chased you with the razor strap.

If you have any stories, birthdays etc. that you would like published in my column call me at 814-886-4694. I will gladly get the information in. I am a bit more home bound so I can’t rely on being down town to gather information. I will be writing timely article concerning the upcoming Great Lilly Home Coming to be held July 1-2 and 3, of July 2016. Plan to visit Lilly then. Thanks

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