Jan 082017

Lilly Lines By Jack Barlick 886-4694

Well I would say we made it safely this far through a mild winter . Bill and Alb have kept the streets in good condition for residents and visitors. The Township have kept the roads in there area in good shape also. These crews are first class.

Anyone with ideas for community improvement let both the borough and township know, good ideas can make magic work. With spring soon coming give a thought of planting some florals in your yards, this makes for a noble appearance , also keep all curb weeds cut out, especially around poles

Today, March 5 finds Brett Dively, Mark Lekens, Ava Porbosky, Colin Shable and Mario Crocetti celebrating. Mario is 89 and deserves special wishes.Mary Jane Lingafelt will be 88 on the 7th and William Walters celebrates on the 8th. Amber Artko parties on the 9th and Winifred McLucas will be 95 on the 10th. The 11th finds Crystal Martino and Don Patterson enjoying cake and ice cream. Happy Birthday TO All!.


You are an old timer if you went to bed before the ball was let loose on Times Square

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