Jan 312013

LILLY LIBRARY The Lilly Library is sponsoring a game day on February 9th from 10:00 AM until 1:00 PM. The game for the day will be checkers. To sign up for a playing time call 886-7543.

The Library staff would like your input and ideas as to what you would like held at the Library. Anyone that would like to teach an art or craft let Brenda know. The winter hours of the Lilly Library are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM and on Saturdays from 7:30 until 2:30. Stop in and check out the selection of books and CDs.

ICE SKATING The ice skating rink at the Lilly War Memorial got several evenings of use over the past weekend. I noticed an impromptu hockey game in progress on Sunday evening under the lights.

GERMANY BOUND Sam Amrhein and his family are returning to Germany after a tour of duty with the “Stars and Stripes” in Tokyo, Japan.

COLLEGIATE RECORD Aaron Nadolsky was the anchor for a four man relay team that set a collegiate record in the 4×200 meter race at Penn State on Friday evening, January 26th. Their time was 1.24.70 beating a record held by Rutgers University since 2007. The other team members were Emunael Mpanduki of Zimbabwe; Matt Gilmore of Philadelphia and Brandon Bennett-Green of Philadelphia. Aaron is the son of Mike and Susie Nadolsky of Altoona and the grandson of Cecelia and the late Jan Nadolsky of Lilly. He is an academic senior at Penn State.

YARD SALE There will be a town wide yard sale again this year on August 3rd. Plan early for the big event. There will not be a map or charge to be on the list this year. It is a gift from the Decorating Committee to the Community of Lilly. Call Nadine at 886-4564 for additional details.

GROUND HOG DAY Saturday, February 2nd ushers in another Ground Hog Day. This once a year event finds some possibly crazed Punxsutawney men wearing black top hats out in the cold early morning hours destroying a poor ground hogs sleep in search of a hopeful weather report that winters nearing its end.

BIRTHDAYS The last day of January finds Mary George and Sarah Hurley celebrating their birthdays. The first day of February will be party time for Lee Ann Inman and Louise Bocci followed by Marisa Wildner on the 2nd. On the 3rd Catherine Leap, Angie Glenn and James Krumenaker celebrate birthdays as will my daughter Cathy Nadolsky, Erlynne Amrhein and Karissa Batdorf on the 4th. Betty Ann Agosta and Chad Franey celebrate on the 6th. Happy Birthday to All!

ANNIVERSARIES John and Jackie Lingafelt celebrate their wedding anniversary on February 3rd and will be followed by George and Shirley Noel on the 4th. Happy Anniversary to both couples.

OLDTIMER You are an old timer if you got your hair cut at Pat Dougherty’s or Andy Colomba’s Barber Shops. Your approaching old timer status if Kelly was your barber.


Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick – (814) 886-4694

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