Jan 312015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

Imagine my surprise when the clerk at the local Rite-Aid made my day by asking for ID when I was purchasing cigarettes for a family member. That’s a first in nearly 50 years. Just love that clerk!

Sympathy is extended to the families of two Lilly natives who recently passed away. One was Catherine (McMullen) Sanker and the other was Walter “Butch “Kiel. Butch was a son of George and Blanche (George) Kiel and resided in Portage. He was a Navy veteran.

All military veterans who qualify should become members of the American Legion and or VFW.
Both of these clubs have both post and social members and do a lot for communities they serve. They help victims of disasters and severe illnesses, provide scholarships, support local sport programs, help many school programs, provide Christmas treats for children, donate to veteran homes and hospitals and many other generous deeds. Your few dollars a year in post or social dues or occasional visits helps them meet their mission. Join up!

As I write this week’s column some of the deepest snow of the winter has arrived. It is just days before the groundhog checks for his shadow, I should consider going down to Bourbon Street and throw some beads off the balconies there.
Today, January 29 finds Robert Bennet Sr. and Jeanine Nagle celebrating birthdays as will Tom Causer, Alexis Pinkey and Alleanna Pickney on the 30th and Mary George and Sarah Hurley on the 31st. February 1 will find Louise Bocci and Lee Ann Inman partying. As will MarisaWildner on the 2nd and James Krumenaker on the 3rd. My daughter, Catherine Nadolsky Erlynne Amrheim and Karissa Batdorf celebrate on the 4th. Happy Birthday to All!

John and Jackie Lingafelt celebrate their wedding anniversary on the 3rd, Congratulations!

You are an old timer if you remember when sportsmen shot clay pigeons down in Lower Dutchtown.

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