Jan 242013

ICE SKATING With the freezing temperatures this week ice skating should be available at the rinks at the Lilly War Memorial this weekend. If you like getting out doors in the cold give it a try.

BASEBALL SIGNUP The LABBA will be holding baseball and girls soft ball signups on Saturday, February 2, 2013 and Saturday, February 26, 2013 from 10:00 AM until Noon each day at the Washington Townshup Building on Jones Street.

PeeWee is age 5-6 and 7-8; Little League is 9-10 and 11-12; girls softball is ages 8-11 and Pony League is 13 to 15.
PeeWee, Little League and Softball fees are $25 until March 1 when they increase to $40 and then $100 after March 15. Pony League fees are $50 until March 1, then $75 until March 15th when the fee goes to $100.
Signup early. In need of information call John Hurley at 886-9483 or Rich Leahey at 886-4338.
HOAGIE SALE The Lilly Fire Company will be having a Hoagie and Pizza sale on February 2nd. Place an order with any fireman.

SUPER BOWL It seems to me like many Steeler fans temporarily crossed lines to root the Ravens onto a win over New England in the playoffs and will now be rooting for them against the Forty Niners at New Orleans. After the Super Bowel the Ravens will revert to mortal enemies again. New Orleans will be busy during February with the Super Bowl and then Mari-Gra. If I am to head there it will be with a suitcase full of colorful beads for the partying.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY Bev Mandichak and her sister Anna Leahey spent several days cleaning and organizing the Heritage Room above the Borough Building. A few work sessions are planned for the spring and just maybe we will have an open house on Memorial Dat. That’s the goal!

Also the society is seeking old uniforms and old dressed for display. The 1920-30-and 40 time periods would be great. Another item is pictures for next years calendars these can be people or scenes from Lilly and Washington Township.

BIRTHDAYS Today, the 24th finds Leo Vermeulin, Corey Shedlock and Catherine Weakland celebrating birthdays as will Amy Waters, Raymond Lasinski, Nick Causer and Carol Wertz on the 25th and Ronald Courtot, Shawn Nadolsky and Gary Nagy on the 26th.

On January 27th Michael Conrad, Bob Causer, Bailey Prebish and Jesse Wilson celebrate as will Amanda Beck, Andrew Jones, Theodore Kunko, Deborah Rabatin, Judy George and Mary Yanik on the 28th. On the 29th Robert Bennett, Sr, and Jeanine Nagle get to party. On January 30th it will be Tom Causers turn to party. Happy Birthday to All.

ANNIVERSARIES Stephen and Bonnie Mardula celebrate their wedding anniversary today, January 24th. Then on the 28th it is a special 63rd anniversary for Francia and Jean Albarano. Best wishes to both couples.

OLDTIMER You are an old timer is you spent all or part of your high school years at the red brick Lilly High School down town.


Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick – (814) 886-4694

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