Jan 202016

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

Some of the actions of several major league sports teams on national television is beyond disgusting. Fines and a game or two suspension doesn’t solve the problem. A full year, at least, of not being permitted to play and loss of salary may open these jerks and their ignorant fans eyes. What a poor example these teams, fans and players send to our youth. The Cincinnati Bengals should be first on the year long suspension list.

Who would have believed a year ago that oil prices would drop so low? We are nearing less that two dollars a gallon on vehicle fuel and a lot less to run the home furnace. From what I read price may go lower yet and stay down for several years. Take advantage of this break and create a savings for the future. I am curious to see what the oil from Iran will do to the oil market. Now if the financial market would cut out the greed and raise the interest on savings to help retirement plans.

Every once in a while I get an unsigned letter complaining about something Normally they get trashed. A recent one though, from a former Lilly resident, read: “Good job Mayor. Lilly is becoming all monuments and junked cars.” As mayor I have been trying to clean up the junked cars. (Health issues slowed me down) Some people co-operate, while other, more ignorant ones, just avoid the issue. The junk car yard on Piper Street is the worst. It is still being looked at and may require a stronger ordinance with a steeper fine to get it removed. As far as the monuments around town, that is a Historical Society endeavor, and my opinion is they add class and knowledge to the community. Other problems that have been on the forefront are unkempt lawns and high weeds and the potential for future fracking. With the dive in oil prices I don’t expect to see any gas well drilling in the area for years.

Father William Kovach, a Cassandra native recently died at Garvey Manor. He was 86 Another Lilly native Gladys Rosa a daughter of Paul and Mary Sloan Shaffer also recently passed away. She was 91.Marie (Krug) Clinemyer also passed away. She was 81 and was born in Munster. She and her husband Buster raised a family on Jones Street extension.

Carol McLucas and Clair Lill celebrate their birthdays today, January 21 as Marie Dougherty, James Kozak and Cilin Nesbella on the 22nd and Donald Diehl, Christian Lutton, Eric Swain and Larry Summerville on the 23rd. It will be party time for Leo Vermeulin, Raymond Lisinski, Catherine Weakland and Corey Shedlock on the 24th and Nick Causer and Amy Waters on the 2th.
Cake and ice cream will be enjoyed by Ronald Courtot and Gary Nagy on the 26th and Michael Conrard and Bailey Prebish on the 27th. Bob Causer celebrates his birthday on the 27th. Happy Birthday to All!

Bob and Margaret Kunrod celebrate their 66th wedding anniversary on the 21th followed by
Stephen and Bonnie Mardula on the 24th. Best Wishes to both couples!

My memory is wearing thin so I more than welcome any suggestions to put in the Old Timer column. Just call me at 814-886-4694
Remember when almost everyone had a garden in their back yards and most households’ canned fruit and vegetables or made chowchow for the winner. Some of the best food ever.

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