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The Slovak Catholic Sokol Lodge # 79 of Lilly, PA. will hold their yearly lodge meeting at the Sokols club on January 26 at 2:00 PM. A late lunch will follow the meeting and members of the lodge are urged to attend.



The sympathy of the community is extended to the family and friends of Theresa (Latoche) Lingafelt who unexpectedly passed away at her home in Bellwood. She grew up in Strawberry and was a daughter of the late John and Anna Latoche. Theresa graduated from the Lilly High School and Conemaugh School of Nursing and was a Registered Nurse at Altoona Hospital.

Another recent passing brought a lot of sadness when 57 year old Michael Kreshalk died. Mike, originally from Nanty-Glo, was married to Susan Sweeney of Lilly and had been a paramedic with the Lilly Ambulance service in the 1980’s. He was a full time medic for 25 years at AMED in Altoona. Mike, Susie and their children loved Disney World and often vacationed there. At his wake on Sunday, January 12, there was a large turnout of firemen from Ebensburg, Altoona, Lilly and Summerhill for a firemen’s service. Mike was a life member of the Dauntless Fire Company in Ebensburg. He also had been a Nanty-Glo policeman and a Mainline dispatcher. RIP



There are talks of a merger between Lilly and Cresson Fire Companies. Such a merger will affect all citizens and they should ask questions. A few I have at the present are: (1) Will there be any changes in the ISO ratings both now and down the road? (2) Will workmen’s compensation costs increase?) (3)The building on Main Street was built by past generations of Lilly firemen and paid for by community donations. Will it remain a community asset? (4) How will the annual carnival week be affected? This is one of the only events in town that is an enjoyment to all. Public meetings should be held on the merger issue. Ask questions and express your views.


I have been told it would decrease fund raising requirements. I can’t imagine how. Man power has also been cited as a reason. I actually think this will have a bad effect on Lilly as the younger members will go up the road for more action. Duel dispatching may be a better option.



Today, January 16 finds Patricia Miorelli and Jerod McConnell celebrating their birthdays followed by Charles Bishop and Nathan Offman on the 17th. On the 18th it will be party time for Ed Costlow, Bobby Glenn, Linda Albarano, Blane Clapper, Dorothy Glenn and Ron Yagoda. A special birthday greeting is sent to Stella Ketchessin who will be 94 on the 19th. Also partying that day will be Joseph Krug Jr., Bonnie Maradula, Nathan Stevens, Bryan Spiker and Jeff Spiker. On the 20th Andre Marinak, Monica Siedlarczyk and Amy McMullen observe birthdays as will Carol McLucas on the 21st. January 22nd will find Marie Dougherty, James Kozak and my nephew Dane Nesbella enjoying cake and ice cream. Happy Birthday to All!



The 21st is a busy day as Francis and Lynn Filak, Leroy and Mary George and Robert and Margaret Kunrod celebrate wedding anniversaries. The Kunrods celebrate 64 years together. Happy Anniversary to All!


It was brought to my attention that Leonard McCool was also a Lilly police officer in the late 50’s and early 60’s.Frank Szczechowicz was an officer in the late 60’s with Chief Francis Patterson and Joe Pramuk followed by Jack Barlick and Ted Myers.

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