Jan 292014

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I received an e-mail from RONALD who stated he was cross country skiing near the old Lilly reservoir when he happened to see what he describes as an abdominal snowman with a string of fish around its neck. This was near a tree line and there was snow on the ground and on the snowman in the pictures he posted. I am skeptical to say the least.


Congratulations to Payton Behe who was named his schools Most Valuable Player in Defense at a recent banquet in Richland held by the SAFCA. Payton is a Penn Cambria Senior.



Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Fred Godish who recently passed away. Fred was a 1956 graduate of Lilly High School and was an Army veteran of the Vietnam era. He would often help out with the historical society and will be missed by many.



The following information is from John Inman Jr. who is president of the Lilly –Washington Public Library. He says state and county cuts in funding has equaled $28,000 this past year compared to former years and the state has also passed a law making libraries increase staffing to 45 hours a week. Lilly currently staffs at 35 hours and cannot afford the increased wages.

               The library has dipped into a reserve fund that was created by bequeaths, fundraisers and a Lilly Ambulance Service donation. With diminishing funds the Lilly Library has launched a Save the Library Campaign. A series of fund raisers will be held including tickets on a 32 inch Emerson TV that will be raffled on St. Patricks Day. Tickets are $3 and can be purchased from board members or at the library.

              Over 20,000 books, DVD’s and other material is checked out each year. Plus the Library hosts the annual Easter Egg Hunt, a summer reading program, a nine month story time for children and an open house each fall along with a cake social. A spring letter campaign will be conducted. Your support is crucial.



Mary George and Sarah Hurley celebrate their birthdays tomorrow January 31 followed by Louise Bocci and Lee Ann Inman on February 1. Catherine Leap and James Krumenaker get to party on the 3rd as will Erlynne Amrhein and Karrissa Batdorf on the 4th. Happy Birthday to All!



Thank you to the Lilly Borough and Washington Township road crews for braving the subzero temperatures in keeping our roadways open.



An old timer will remember when the borough water mains often froze in these cold winters years ago.




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