Feb 092012

SUPER BOWL I was rooting for the Giants along with granddaughters Kiara and Kiana Nadolsky as we watched the entire game at their home. It was a very good game and half time show by Madonna. Now its time to start Steeler mania for 2012.

ICE SKATING Just maybe you will be able to skate both Saturday and Sunday evenings at the War Memorial if the evening weather forecasts hold up. Good luck, as the season is getting short.

CHICKEN DINNER Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church will be serving a Stuffed Chicken Dinner on Sunday, February 19th at their Hilltop location. Adult is $9.00 and children $4.50. All take outs are $9.00. Meals are available from 11: AM until 2: PM. From past experience, believe me, a dinner there is well worth the cost.

MOVED to MANHEIM Mary Gall had lived in Lilly most of her life. After her daughter Marianne died last year she remained in town but really wanted to live with her son Charles and his family in Manheim where she also has three grandchildren. She recently made the move and I wish her well.

BIRTHDAYS Paul Erzal and Shawn Phillips celebrate their birthdays today, February 8th as will Anna Mae Giblock, John Nezneski , Jacob Stevens and Samantha Stevens on the 10th. Then on the 11th it will be party time for Joanne Courtot followed by Jacob Bossler and Regina Skura on the 12th.

Zachary Martnuska gets to celebrate on the 13th as will Barbara Lego, Toni Nadolsky, Andrew Ronan, James Secrisky, Erin Serre, Jackie Steberger and Bill Wilkinson III on Valentines Day, the 14th. Then it will be cake and ice cream for Travis Franey, Larry Lucas, Christopher Matcho and Katie McCarty on the 15th. Happy Birthday to All!

HISTORICAL SOCIETY If you have a family picture you would like considered for the 2013 calendar submit a copy to the society at 417 Cleveland Street or drop it off to me or Ron Muldoon.

AMERICAN LEGION The Lilly American Legion will hold its monthly meeting this evening at 7:00 PM. All recently discharged veterans and those on active duty in the military are invited to join the Lilly Legion as Post members.


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