Feb 072015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 814-886-4694

Well, Phil up in Punxsey has predicted six more weeks of winter. So be it.

There will be a stuffed chicken breast dinner on February 22 at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church on Hilltop Street here in Lilly. Always delicious meals are served from 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM. Takeout available. For details call 884-0205.

53 years ago today Larry Mock, Bill Nadolsky and myself left town for basic training in the United States Army. Seems like yesterday.

Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Greg Moyer who recently passed away in Altoona. His wife. Angie Secriskey was from Lilly and his mother-in-law Connie Secriskey resides here.

Celebrating today. February 5 is Chris Eckenrode followed by Betty Ann Agosta and Chad Franey on the 6th and Michelle Claar,Kenneth Behe, Donald George, Gary Nadolsky Jr. and John Prebish on the 7th. On the 8th it will be party time for Leona George and on the 9th Jason McIntosh and Sean Tomlinson. Cake and ice cream will be served to Anna Mae Giblock, John Nezneski, Jacob Stevens and Samantha Stevens on the 10th. Joanne Courtot celebrates on the 11th. Happy Birthday to All!

Before we know it spring will be here. Now is the time to consider what flowers to plant to brighten your yards and the community this year. Also, those who have accumulated junk and debris in their yards should plan on cleaning it up. A well-kept yard reflects very well on the occupants.

You are an oldtimer if you bet on the first Super Bowl in 1965.

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