Feb 192015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

Just a reminder that Our Lady of Mount Carmel church will be holding a stuffed chicken breast dinner this Sunday, February 22nd , from 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM at the church hall on Hilltop Road. You can dine in for $9 or take out for the same price. Children can dine in for $4.50. Call 884-0205 for further details. This is a good dinner to enjoy in this cold weather.

The Lilly Washington War Memorial Association mailed the annual fund drive appeal last week. Your support of this worthy organization is both crucial and important to the successful operation of the field that does so much for area children while bringing memory to those who died in the service.

The Lilly Conrad Chiropractic/ Lilly American Legion entry in the Altoona City League will play their home games at the Lilly field as they pursue their 12th City League Championship this summer.

I am anxious to see the townships completion of the recreation center/ pavilions and restrooms at the new Little League field. A refreshment stand is also being placed there to serve that field during home games. We will soon have a recreation area to envy by other communities. Wont be too long bfore the walking trail can get full use again. Come on Spring!

Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Leroy “Fritz” George who passed away on February 12. Fritz was an Air Force veteran and a star baseball player. He spent a lot of his military time playing for Air Force ball teams. He was a great grandson of Frederick L. George. one of six brothers from Lilly who served in the Civil War.

Sympathy s also extended to the family and friends of Myra Kreger who also died recently. She was a Lilly High School graduate class of 1946 and was the daughter of John and Catherine Warner.

Further sympathy is extended to the friends and family of Elaine Boylan-Kot, who resided in Lilly with her late husband, Wayne Boylan, for many years.

Sympathy is also extended to the family and friends of Dennis Eckenrode of Cresson. His wife, Patricia Shedlock was from Lilly. Denny was a Navy veteran and served on a submarine. Further sympathy goes to the family and friends of Cresson resident James Rose. Jim was a WWII veteran. He was a friend of my daughter Cindy and her husband Bryan. Plus he was a faithful reader of Lilly Lines.

Celebrating birthdays today, February 19, are Tricia Martino, Bryan Offman, Robert Shedlock, Alcia Walters and Melanie Wilkinson. . On the 21st David Lutton, John Lykens, William Patterson, Michel Phillips and Christina Rowe get to party as will Tina Digruilles, Victoria Regan and Bev Mandichak on the 22nd. George Klayko observes his birthday on the 23rd followed by Theodore George, Edward Hutsky, Holly Patterson, Barry Yagoda and Matthew Zunich on the 24th. It will be cake and ice cream time for Ella Digruilles, Jon West, Jim McConnell and Thomas Suchta on the 25th. Happy Birthday to All!

Walter and June Nadolsky celebrate their 65th Wedding Anniversary on the 21st followed by Bernard and Helen Phillips who celebrate on the 23rd. Happy Anniversary to both couples!

Our Lady of Mount Carmel church will be hosting a Sports Raffle at the Cassandra Social Hall on Sunday March 8. This will include a roast beef dinner and snacks. D.J. Casey will provide entertainment. For tickets or information call 937-7053.

You are an oldtimer if you drank Sun Drop soda on a regular basis. Sanders Birch Beer was a good second choice.

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