Feb 272014

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By the end of March we should be able to watch for the crocus and daffodil flowers coming to bloom and the tulips sprouting up. Finally!



The vote is in. Bar owners across the state definitely have a lot more brains than the politicians in Harrisburg. The state in its wisdom passed a law to allow taverns to participate in the small games of chance program. Only the state wanted 60% of the income and 5% going to the host municipality. The bar owner would get 35% for all of his work. What a rip off! (Plus the tavern owner would need to pay state income tax on his share.)

The greedy politicians expected 3,000 taverns to enroll statewide with profits to the state estimated at $150 million a year .Our ever so smart governor even included this amount in the 2014 budget. Well after public forums across the Commonwealth only 6 (SIX) taverns signed on.



March 1 finds Maya Lutton , Beberly Costlow, Frances Albarano, Maddox Laret, Breann Latoche, Joseph Mardula, Lulia Myers and Mary Jo Rainey celebrating their birthdays followed by Ken Brown, Tyler Cordin and Shelby Franey on the 3rd and John Dougherty and Ursula McConnell on the 4th. Faber Conrad gets to party on the 5th. Happy Birthday to all!



Happy Anniversary wishes are extended to Jeff and Sue Wilson who celebrate their wedding anniversary on March 5.



You are an old timer, or close to being one, if you remember the firemen’s street carnivals on the yellow brick portion of Cleveland Street



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