Dec 312015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

As you read this column New Years will be upon us. Have a great time with your family and friends as you welcome in 2016.Think of the good times of the past year and start thinking of new adventures for the coming year.

Look around the Lilly/Washington community and see the finished pavilion at the new ball field; the United Mine Workers water fountain at the Miners monument and the beautiful bell tower across the parkyard. All completed this year.

Christmas came and went with out any snow and I didn’t miss it at all. Guess we can live without a White Christmas. Sorry! Bing Crosby.

A sincere community sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Paul Smith who recently passed away. Paul was very active with the Lilly Fire Company and was their chief mechanic. He will be missed.

Today, December 31 finds Brian Behe, William McCarty, Lindsey Phillips, Agnes Phillips , Louise Tranquillo and my son in law Don Nadolsky observing their birthdays as will Fred Kuntz on January 1and Elizabeth Budzina,Anita Connor, Michael Malinski, Carol Bucynski, John Kodosky and Ronald Muldoon on the 2nd. Breanna Kuhns parties on the 3rd. Sara Jane Latoche celebrates on the 4th as will Brett Dively, Mark Lykens, Ava Poborsky, Colin Shable, Mario Corcetti and Gloria McGarry on the 5th.

You are an old timer if you celebrated New Years Eve at the Sokols or VFW and some of your bar tenders were Ron Guzic, Foster Nagy, Gump Risko, Jiggs Talko, Sam Talko. Rocky Waschalk, Chumsy Sanders etc.

If you have any stories, birthdays etc that you would like published in my column call me at 814-886-4694. I will gladly get the information in. I am a bit more home bound so I cant rely on being down town to gather information. I will be writing timely article concerning the up coming Great Lilly Home Coming to be held July 1-2 and 3, of July 2016. Plan to visit Lilly then. Thanks

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