Dec 242014


Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 814-886-4694

I will repeat the church schedule printed last week for the services this evening and tomorrow morning at the Lilly churches .Our Lady of Mount Carmel National Catholic Church will have Christmas caroling this evening at 3:40 PM followed by Mass at 4 P:M. There will not be a Christmas Day service.
This evening at 6:00 PM at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church there will be a “Happy Birthday Jesus” with Holy Communion Carol Services of Worship at 7:00 PM. There are 11:00 PM services at the First Lutheran Church in Portage. No services on Christmas Day.
The United Methodist Church here in Lilly will have a Christmas Eve Service this evening at 7:00 PM. They will not have a Christmas Day Service.
Our Lady of the Alleghenies Catholic Church will have a Christmas Vigil beginning at 5:30 this evening with a musical program at the church followed by the crib blessing and Mass at 6:00 PM. On Christmas morning there will be an 8:00 AM Mass at the chapel and a 10:00 AM mass at the church.

The weathermen have been predicting a white Christmas for over a week now. This will add to the splendor of the day and will really reflect all the beauty of the many Christmas decorations hung around town by our many neighbors. I enjoy riding around and observing all” the colors.

For us elderly ones (or soon to be) thinking back on our childhood Christmases always brings fond memories to mind. I remember my dad always decorating the tree while mom baked our favorite rolls and ironed our cassock and surplices for the midnight Mass choir performance. Ron, Pat and I were all three in the choir. A trip to my Grandmother Mary Barlick’s was always in order early Christmas Eve for the annual Slovak dinner. That was a favorite family time. Vesele Vianoce!

If you are visiting Lilly for the holidays you can buy copies of the Lilly Washington 2015 Calendar or copies of the Spirit of the Community History Book or the Military Spirit of the Community History book. Each item can be purchased at Galls Insurance Agency.
Today, December 24 finds Tina Stauski observing her birthday followed on the 25th with Jesus Christ’s birthday being celebrated throughout the Christian world. Also on the25th Richard Burkhart and James M. Marino celebrate. The day after Christmas will find many local residents enjoying their birthdays including Linda Behe, Tiffany Bishop, Eric Ferrence, Paul Gressick, Deborah Krug, Christine Weber and Joyce Offman.On December 27 June Dupirack and Marilyn Nadolsky get to party as will Robert George, Crystal Hite and June Nadolsky on the 28th and Mark Wilson on the 29th. December 30 will be party time for Jasmine Flores and Brian Latoche.
New Years eve will be the birthdays of Brian Behe, William McCarty, Lindsey Phillips, Agnes Phillips, Louise Tranquillo and my son in law Don Nadolsky. Ending out 2014 by celebrating birthdays on the 31st are Brian Behe, William McCarty, Lindsey Phillips, Agnes Phillips. Louise Tranquillo and my son-–in- law Don Nadolsky. Happy Birthday to All!

Ronald and Cindy Segada observe their wedding anniversary on December 27 followed by Patrick and Mary Jo Rainey on the 30th. Best Wishes to Both Couples.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church is sponsoring a New Year Eve Party at the Cassandra Social Hall on Saturday, December 31 starting at 8:30 PM. There will be a buffet dinner at 9:00 PM followed with musical entertainment from the Fabulous Flashbacks from 10:00 PM until 1:00 AM. For tickets call 937-7053 or 886-2375. A great time for sure!
You are an old timer if you were ever a member of Saint Brigid’s boy’s choir and sang Midnight Mass at the church.


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