Dec 202012

CHURCH SCHEDULES The schedule of activities for the four churches in the Lilly community this Christmas Eve and Christmas day are as follows: The United Methodist church will have a Christmas Eve service at 7:00 PM December 24th.Our Lady of Mount Carmel National Catholic church will have a Polish Koledy at 3”45 PM followed by Mass at 4:00 PM. Neither church has a service Christmas Day.

Our Lady of the Alleghenies Catholic Church will have a Musical Program starting at 5:30 PM followed by a Crib blessing and Holy Mass at 6:00 PM on Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas morning there will be Mass in the chapel at 8:00 AM and in the church at 10:00 AM.

St. Lukes Lutheran church will host a Happy Birthday Jesus program for the children at 6:30 PM followed by the Christmas Eve service at 7:00 PM at the church. At 11:00 PM there will be a service at the sister church, the First Lutheran in Portage. Any of the above churches welcome visitors to their services.

LIGHTING Take a ride around the Central Mainline area and enjoy the many beautiful Christmas lighting displays in the communities. It makes for a bit of peace in an uncertain world.

WINTER Will we have a White Christmas? I just observed some boys playing basketball at the War Memorial on the 15th. Maybe that is a sign of another mild winter although I didn’t enjoy the temperature in the 20’s recently.

CALENDERS You can still pick up a Historical Society calendar at Galls Insurance. There are copies of the History books and Cookbook also available there. Name plaques can still be purchased for inclusion on the Miners Monument; the forms are available at Galls.

CHRISTMAS EVE After Mass each Christmas Eve my children and grandchildren gather at my house for a festive evening. This is a very happy time of year. St. Mikulaus will have already left the children’s gifts so a lot of partying will go on. Natalie promises to bring Slavish mushroom soup and we will enjoy the assortment of rolls that Cindy and Kiera have baked, not to mention ham, shrimp and pirohy.

BIRTHDAYS A belated birthday greeting is sent to Nicholas Moschgat who celebrated his special day on December 17th. Today, the 20th, finds Patty McElheny, Brittanie Bender, Phyllis Beres, Adam Nagy, Rocco Ricupero and Vincenzo Ricupero celebrating their birthdays. They are followed on the 21st by Eileen McDermott, and on the 22nd by Ken Leap and Leslie Devett. Alexis Pauley gets to celebrate on the 23rd and Tina Stauski on the 24th.

Then on December 25th Richard Burkhart and James M. Martino have to decide whether it is a Christmas gift or birthday gift they are opening. The day after Christmas is full of parties as Linda Behe, Tiffany Bishop, Eric Ferrence, Paul Gressick, Deborak Krug and Joyce Offman all celebrate birthdays. Happy Birthday to All.

ANNIVERSARY Barbara and Stanley Kukla celebrate their wedding anniversary on December 22nd, Congratulations.

REUNION If you were a member of the Lilly High School class of 1963 several of your classmates are trying to organize a 50 year re-union in 2013. Contact Dan George at 886- 8945 if you are interested or know the where abouts of class mates.

OLD TIMER You are an old timer if you remember singing in Saint Brigid’s Church choir at Midnight Mass wearing a cassock and surplice that was decked out with a large red bow. A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL.


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