Dec 172015

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 814-886-4694

Just a friendly reminder to pick up candies ordered from the Lilly Knights of Columbus at Our Lady of the Alleghenies church hall on Saturday, December 19, and Sunday December 20, before and after all Masses.

Was told by a trail walker that it was very thoughtful of someone to decorate a tree along the walking trail in the Christmas spirit. I was told it was such a nice gesture and that a few other trees had single balls on them. The season is contagious!

Would you know it? Brian Fonk hit the road for another newspaper job after stirring Lilly up over the wild chickens. He was however doing a good job of covering events while here with the Mainliner. Just maybe a few wild chickens will follow him to Ohio instead of settling in artist Scott’s back yard.

After December 31 the Pennsylvania State Police will be covering Lilly Borough and Washington Township. Just dial 911 for any police emergency. Non-emergency police calls can be made at 472-2100. Parking problems and ordinance enforcement will not be covered. Any other questions call the Borough building at 886-7227 or the Washington Township building at 886-5359.

Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Audrey (Glenn) Shedlock who recently passed away. She was a daughter of the late Richard and Angie Glenn and grew up in Lilly. Sympathy also is extended to the family of Victor “Tom” Weatherwalk who also grew up in Lilly, a son of Charles and Edna Weatherwalk. He died recently while residing in Benscreek.

One of the largest bears harvested this year was taken nearby on Woppsy Mountain in Blair County. The bear weighed over 700 pounds. 50 years ago one never heard of a bear in this area. In fact at that time Bill Misiura got one that is still mounted in the Bear Rock club. He got it several counties northeast of here. Did you know the last elk shot in the area was a doe taken out in Dutchtown in a farm field above Cassandra? This was after elk were reintroduced to the area and finally: Around 1900 there were no deer left in Cambria County. They had all been taken either legally or illegally. Efforts were made to bring Michigan deer here to start a stock but they could not adapt and was an unsuccessful venture. Finally, deer were introduced from West Virginia. They adapted, so you now are hunting for cousins of West Virginia deer

Carissa Vyhonsky will graduate Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Biology from Carlow University tomorrow evening in Pittsburgh. She is a daughter of Pamela (Sweeney) and Ed Vyhonsky of Johnstown and a granddaughter of Richard Sweeney of Lilly and Eileen Sweeney of Johnstown.

Today, December 17 finds my son Steve celebrating his birthday along with Rick Koval, Frank Klayko, Josephine Kozak and Andrew Lysic. On the 18th Bill Latoche and Nyla Robine will be partying as will Brayden Artko on the 19th and Phyllis Beres, Adam Nagy, Rocco Ricupero and Vincenzo Ricupero on the 20th. Eileen McDermott and Nicholas Baker enjoy cake and ice cream on the 21st as will Ken Leap and Les Devett on the 22nd and Alexis Pauley on the 23rd. Happy Birthday to All!

Stanley and Barbara Kukla observe their wedding anniversary on December 22. Congratulations!

You are an old timer if you remember when Alex Tickerhoff was the funeral director here in Lilly.

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