Dec 102014


Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

There will be a blood mobile at Our Lady of Alleghenies Church hall tomorrow, December 12, from 12:30 until 6:00 PM.

A reminder to pick up candy ordered from the Knights of Columbus on Saturday December 13 and Sunday December 15 at Our Lady of the Alleghenies hall before or after each Mass. There will be some candy for sale on a first come basis.

Santa Claus will visit the Lilly American Legion on Sunday, the 14th, at 2:00 PM to give treats to the children, he will be at the Sokols on Saturday the 20th at 2:00 PM and the GBU on Sunday the 21st at 2:00 PM. Bring the kids out for an afternoon of fun.

My daughters, Jackie and Cindy along with granddaughter Kaylee Mento spent Sunday afternoon at my home putting up my Christmas tree and decorating inside my house. My tree this year is a tribute to my late father, John Sr., who loved Christmas and always had bubble lights on the tree when I was a kid growing up in Dutchtown. Well, my tree has six sets on it this year in his honor. Looks good!

The town is looking extra special as many residents have already decorated outside. Very colorful to say the least. Take a ride and enjoy the efforts of many.

Today, December 11, finds Bill Dunmyer, Barb Martino and Regina Robine celebrating their birthdays as will Chris Wheeler and Martha Link on the 12th and Nicholas Marinak, William Herschel 3rd and Ashlee Weakland on the 13th along with my daughter Natalie and sister Maureen Kelly also on the 13th. Elizabeth Wilt. Bill Kuntz and Joseph Digman get to party on the 14th.

Helen Fordick, Francis Krumenaker, Cecelia Nadolsky, Mark Behe, Pearl Fischel and Lyle Offman enjoy cake and ice cream on the 15th followed by LeAnn Cannonie on the 16th and my son Steve, Frank Klayko, Josephine Kozak, Rick Koval and Andrew Lysic on the 17th. Happy Birthday to All!
Stanley and Rose Orlosky observe their wedding anniversary on December 12 as will Edward and Lori Krug on the 15th and Frank and Kim Pohopin on the 17th. Best Wishes to each couple!
You are an old timer if you drank at the Sokols back in the day that they had nickle beer night on Thursdays. Imagine 20 drafts for only a dollar. Chumsy Sanders and Jiggs Talko were two of the bartenders back then.

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