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Don’t forget the Penn Cambria Panther football bonfire will be held starting at 7:00 PM at the War Memorial field in Lilly. This event celebrates the beginning of the 2014 football season. There is plenty of parking in the area but seating is very limited so bring along a lawn chair. A large turnout of both students and parents are expected. Refreshments will be on sale at the stands in the field. Have a great time!

Labor Day, Sept 1 at 10:00 A.M. there will be the formal dedication of the Miner Monument Park and the Butterfly Garden. Please bring a lawn chair as seating will be limited. Contributors to the park will be honored during the program. After the program cake and ice cream will be served at the War Memorial pavilion.

I had the honor of officiating, as Lilly Borough Mayor, at a wedding on Saturday, August 23rd between Roy Glessner and Terri Linko. The ceremony was held at the Butterfly Garden at the Miners Monument at Piper Street. Although it had rained earlier in the day all dew drops held off and the sun even shined during the ceremony. The bride looked charming in her blue and white outfit. The groom, best man and maid of honor also looked their best for the occasion. Over two dozen friends and relatives were in attendance for the afternoon program.

Frank Klayko made what he called “ a trip of a lifetime” to Alaska during July flying out of Philadelphia on the 23rd after his flight was delayed by weather forcing a nighttime flight to Seattle. He was late for his flight to Anchorage and had to sleep on an airport bench.
The flight to Alaska was obscured by clouds preventing any airborne sightseeing. Finally the clouds cleared and he had a view of “ rugged mountains and gorgeous glaciers stretching for miles. His sister, Barbara Bowman, and her daughters Rebecca and Laura met him at the Anchorage airport to start his Alaska adventure.
Franks first venture was a 150 mile trip to Soldofna, a town on the Kena River to fish for king salmon. He caught a rain bow trout and three Dolly Varders but no king salmon. The one day cost was $150 dollars for each one in the party plus a $20 a day non-resident license and a $10 king salmon stamp.
Other adventures included a tour of Chugach State Park, Cook Inlet and Denali National Park which is 9219 square miles ( larger than New Hampshire State)He saw 20,322 foot Mount McKinley. A nearby motel stay was $225 per night. It was a worthwhile trip as the Klayko group got to see two grizzly bear (one was very large) four moose including two bulls and a fox and porcupine along with almost 100 caribou. Specially trained drivers operate the busses in the park that has drop offs of 1000 feet at the side of the road.
He also took a 116 mile train ride from Anchorage to Seward and saw many colorful lakes along the way. Frank and his sister Barbara drove to Bird Creek south of Anchorage where he caught a three pound male red salmon. He then took a fishing trip to Willow Creek with Barbara, her daughter Laura and her husband Mark where he caught four Arctic graylings and had a king salmon “on for awhile.” They watched a beaver play and king salmon spawning.
Franks return trip was over three hours flying to Seattle, four more to Philadelphia and four more hours driving ti Lilly.

Louella Kaiser celebrated her 104th birthday on August 23rd in Lewistown. She was born and raised in Lilly, one of 12 children of Margaret (George) and Albert Claar. Louella is the last surviving sibling in the family. She was married to Carl Kaiser and had two sons, Don and Ted.

Nicole Poborsky and Richard Sweeney celebrate their birthdays today, August 28 followed by Albina Nezneski, Nicole Lutton and Doris Patterson on the 29th. On the 30th it will be party time for Stephen Bart, Karla Lozano and Susan Zumer followed by Denise Leturgy on the 31st. September 1 will be a busy day as James Rice 4th, Celsey Hite, John Hurley, Gary Nadolsky, Robert Rabatin, Sr. and Helen Sarnecki all enjoy cake and ice cream followed by Nathan Gates, Sonja Moyer and Catherine Sweeney on the 3rd. Happy Birthday to All!

Sam and Carol Albarano , William and Ellen McCoy and Matthew and Marion Zunich all observe their wedding anniversaries today, August 28, followed by Gary and Barbara Stiffler on the 31st. On September 1 Don and Sandy Courvina, Frank and Helen Fordick and Joseph and Karen Wilson all celebrate. Happy Anniversary to All!

You are an oldtimer if you attended school at Rileys, Behes, Zoskeys, Scanlan Hill or Dutchtown schools.


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