Sep 122016

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694 

Join in the fun at the Penn Cambria Bon Fire being held at 6:00 PM this evening, August 25 at the Lilly-Washington War Memorial here in Lilly. All students and parents are welcome to attend ths start off of the 2016 Football season .Wear your blue and black and join the Cheerleaders, Penn Cambria Marching band, players and students in this fun night out.

There will be Story Time registration at the Lilly Library from August 30 until September 12. The program will start on September 12 and run until May of 2017.Pre school age 3 and up may participate. If you cannot make it to registration call 886-7543. Lilly Borough, Washington Township and patrons of the Library may participate.

It is 3 years since the LillyArea Ambulance quit providing emergency service mainly because of state requirements on staffing levels.The remaining officers; Jack Barlick, Duane Misiura,George Nesbella,Paul Sklodowski, Mike Eckenrode and Kevin Hite met recently and agreed to donate the Ambulance building to Lilly Borough and the following funds as listed. The Lilly Fire Company was given $16,000. The Lilly-Washington War Memorial Association was given $30.000. Lady of the Alleghenies, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, St Lukes and the United Methodist churches $10,000 each. The Library and Historical Society each received $10,000 also. $5,000 was given to the Lilly Knights of Columbus and the Saint Vincent DePaul Society. The Garden Club and the Lilly Decorating committee were given $3,000 each.TAPS, the ones that stock the Lilly creeks, was given $1000. Washington Township was given $10,000 earlier in the year towards the pavilion at the new memorial field ball park.

Mary Boland celebrates her birthday on August 25 followed by Peneople Boland,followed by Phyllis Podrasky, Jeannie George, Colleen Keagy, James Scott Lill, Alcia Proudfit and Bambi Brown on the 27th Nicole Poborsky. Nicole Lutton cerebrates on the 29th followed by Stephen Bartm Karlo Lozano and Susan Zumer on the 30th and Dense eturgey on the 31ft. Happy Birthday to All!

Donald and Sharon Diehl observe their anniversary today, August 25 followed by Daylon and Renee Behe and James and Barbara Lego on the 26th and Sam and Carol Albarano, William and Ellen McCoy and Matt and Marion Zunich on the 28th. Scott and Jackie Steberger party on the 29th and Gary and Barbara Stiffler on the 31st. Happy Anniversary to All!

Be extra vigil on school days as more kids will be walking. Parents, also teach your children to always look both ways for traffic getting on or off a bus bef ore crossing a street.
Remember the patrol boys wth a shiny silver badge and a white shoulder strap and red flag sponsored by AAA..

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