Aug 022012

YARDSALE This Saturday, August 4th will see the Town Wide yard sale here in Lilly and Washington Township. This event has a large following so set up a table and sell your unwanted items. Maps are available but it should not be hard to spot a vendor.

CHICKEN BAR-B-QUE At the firemen’s pavilion on the 4th there will be a chicken bar-b-que dinner served from noon until 2:00 PM either dine in or take out. Take a break from the yard sale and get lunch at the pavilion.

TRIPLE AAABA Monday, August 6th will see the Triple AAABA Tournament begin. There will be games in Lilly on Monday and Tuesday afternoon. Stop up to see the game and enjoy a hot sausage sandwich.

GET TOGETHER The family of Bob Causer were all in town on July 22nd to celebrate Bobs 83rd birthday with a party at his daughter and son-in-law Debbie and Leo Vermiluens home. All of his sons and daughters along with grandchildren, great grand children and one great-great grandchild were in attendance.

DEADLINE The deadline to get a miners name plaque before Labor Day is August 10th. No further orders will go in this year. Forms can be filled out at Galls Insurance Agency. Keep an eye on the Miners Memorial. Some plants will be soon in place for the butterfly garden. Other work is in progress.

BIRTHDAYS August the 2nd will find Jeffrey Hite, Mimi Kratzer, Michael Plazek and Paul Sklodowski celebrating their birthdays followed by Mary Obester and Steve Suchta on the 3rd and Wyneva Riley on the 4th. On the 5th it will be party time for Donald Godish, Kristan Muldoon, Christian Sklodowski, Gina Campbell and Cheryl Wheeler. Lorraine Castell celebrates on the 6th. Happy Birthday to All.

ANNIVERSARIES Bill and Marianne Wheldon celebrate their wedding anniversary on August 2nd followed by Bernadette and Don Hmiel on the 3rd along with Brenda and Jim Smith. On the 4th Charles and Dianne Bishop celebrate as will Francis and Jamie Riussian, Vanessa and Steve Yanzetich and Michael and Susan Zumer on August 5th.

The 6th will be celebration time for Ray and Jean Lasinski, Dana and Andy Ronan and Elizabeth and Donald Wilk. Then on the 7th April and Ed Stombaugh will observe their anniversary. Best Wishes to each couple.

OLDTIMER You are an old timer if you remember drinking at the Sokols on the Thursday nickel beer nights or getting a Cheerio with a free stick at Albaranos Store.


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