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On September 15 the Lilly Fire Company will be hosting an end of summer poker run on Lilly Mountain. Registration will begin at 9 A:M at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel grounds on Hilltop Road. Helmets are required and both quads and trail bikes may participate in the no alcohol event. Both breakfast and lunch will be available.


Sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Rose Przybys who died recently. Rose was my grandson Nathans paternal grandma and will be missed by my family. Rose and her husband Stanley “Gig” raised four children: Larry, Dave, Mark and Patti (Robine).


You may have noticed, the hummingbirds have been leaving for the warmer climates. Is this a sign of an early winter? Shirley Patterson says she was filling her feeder daily but now it lasts all week. They have slowed visits at sister Monicas also.


I was amazed at the very large gathering for the Penn Cambria pep rally and bon fire held at the Lilly War Memorial field on Thursday, August 29th. Hardly a parking space could be found with the amount of students and adults present.


Then on Sunday, September 1 another very large gathering of parents and fans and full parking lots greeted the Lilly Raiders football home games. Sunny weather interspersed with some rain awaited the visitors.


The descendants of Stephen and Mary Barlick gathered at my home on Saturday, August 31st for the annual Barlick reunion. Visitors were from New Hampshire, Michigan, Virginia, Illinois, New York. Maryland and of course, Pennsylvania. About 80 relatives of all ages were present including my aunts Patricia Lukosavich, Eleanor Dickman and Marge Olshavsky. My uncle Mike Barlick was also present.

It was a great gathering with fine food and interesting conversations and lasted into the dark hours when the kids got to roast marshmallow at a bonfire. My daughter Cindy Rabish was the organizer of most activity and food preparations with lots of help from her husband Bryan, sister Jackie Mento and our friend Tom Boast in both setting up and cleaning up.

Predictions of some rain did not materialize so the whole day was enjoyed with sunny skies and temperatures around 80 degrees.


The next day, September 1st I attended another nice get together of about 60 people. This time at my daughter Cathy Nadolskys home were a birthday party for granddaughter Kiana, who was 13 years old on August 31st. It was another event that lasted into the darkness and another bon fire. There were tents set up in the yard and several parents and children camped out for the night.


On September 2nd it was party time again as I ventured to my daughter Natalie’s home in Altoona for a Labor Day party. There was a nice crowd of relatives and friends present for the festive occasion. Her new deck and recently seeded back yard got a lot of use. The rain stayed away until the group had mostly dispersed. By then I was partied out for the weekend.


Sue Stager,Kathy Leahey, Helen Claar and Laura Costlow celebrate their birthdays today, September 5th followed by Kendall Krug. Kaitlin Lutton and Diana Schaffranck on the 6th and Gerald Bender on the 7th.

On the 10th it will be party time for Angela Braatz. The 11th will be a busy day as Myra Kreger, George Luckacs, Ann Mardula, Regina Swinger and Paul Sweeney will celebrate birthdays.Best wishes to all!

Special best wishes are extended to World War Two hero Paul Sweeney as he celebrates his 94th birthday this week. Paul was aboard the USS Susan B Anthony when it was sunk by a mine enroute to Normandy for D-Day. The British rescued him and his ship mates.


Bill and Joan Latoche celebrate their wedding anniversary on June 5th followed by Pat and Holly Tremel on the 6th and both Donald and Janet Franey and John and Sara Jane Latoche on the 8th  On the 9th Les and Margo Kiel celebrate . Happy Anniversary to each couple.



You are an old timer if you remember when street lights were regular light bulbs.

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