Apr 092014

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694     


Keep in mind that Easter Candy can be purchased at Our Lady of the Allegheny Church Hall this Saturday and Sunday, both, before and after each Mass. This is a Knights of Columbus fund raiser so please support their efforts.



The first day of the 2014 trout season will start this Saturday at 8:00 A.M. That is a sure sign of spring. Weather reports look good for the first day.

The Portage Chapter of Traditional Anglers will stock Bear Rock creek on April 29th and May15th at 9:15 each day. They will stock the Little Conemaugh here in Lilly on April `15th and May 1st.  Oil City the stockings will be April 22nd and May 13th.  Spots are good for your young children and grandchildren to fish. Any one that feels generous should donate to TAPs to help with raising the fish. Contact me or Frank Klayko as to where to send a donation.



Now is the time to get outside and begin spring cleanup chores. Residents should sweep the shale and debris off their sidewalks, NOW, instead of after the contracted street sweepers come through with their machines in the near future. It was great to see the coal hauler come through with a sweeper on Thursday, they swept Main, Cleveland and Piper Streets and Memorial Drive up to where they start hauling at Lilly Coal. Job Well Done!


Allow me to share a letter I just received.

“Mr. Barlick

I am a Lilly native, and with the town making so many improvements it seems a shame that junk is accumulating in yards, porches etc.’ Is there a code enforcement , which would require residents and businesses to keep property free from junk and garbage? This seems to cheapen the town, give an appearance that the residents of the town do not care and bring down property values and is a health hazard. How people choose to live inside their homes is their own business but when it affects the town and property values, then it involves the community. Thanks. A Lilly Native”

Without further study I can’t fully answer the question poised. However, I have reviewed the junk vehicle ordinance and will be sending out letters shortly, through my position as mayor, to those in violation.

Have you noticed the litter along the highways? These are disgusting individuals who constantly throw items out of moving vehicles. Attention to those who are walking dogs should be carrying a scooper and doggy bag. Many do, but many don’t.  And  another issue is dogs running at large, especially large ones that can be a threat to children and other pets. Call the police if you see it going on.



On Saturday, April 5 I noticed the volunteers from LABBA working diligently at the new ball field digging footers for the two dugouts they are installing. Many truckloads of shale and top soil was also hauled in.

These guys deserve a lot of credit for using their free time to improve things for the youth in the area.



Today, April 10 finds Joseph Kratzer and Mary Paul celebrating their birthdays as will Kathleen Compardo, Nicholas Szala, Warren Krumenaker, Dan Myers and Carmella Martynuska on the 11th.  Patricia Grove, Logan Johnson, Lauren Papi and Patricia Tremel get to party on the 12th. April 13 will mean cake and ice cream for my brother Patrick Barlick, Marty Arnold, Janessa Martynuska, Sam Albarano and William Walters. Jenna Irving celebrates on the 14th along with Juliana Ricupero who will be partying at her new home in Cresson Township on the 14th followed by Joseph G. Podrasky, Adrienne Ditoski, Shawna Franey, Mary Kozak, John Mutsko, John Sanders and Kimberly Wilkinson on the 15th.The 16th is Party time for Tanner Clawson, Betsy Franey and Helen Talko. Happy Birthday to All!



George and Elaine Klayko celebrate their wedding anniversary on April 15th followed by Judy and Ron Muldoon on the17th. Happy Anniversary to both couples!



If you have any information on family events, trips or student achievements that you would like mentioned just call me at 886-4694 or e-mail me at Pappyjack56@aol.com. I will reply.



You are an old timer if you shot pool at Pete Mattiello’s pool room on Cleveland Street. Remember his 1 cent weigh scale and the counter box you could drop pennies in to try and win some cash.


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