Dec 062016

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694

My neighbor, Thrish Behe, has a beautiful lighting display in front of her home. Puts me in the Christmas spirit just seeing them on. I haven’t been out much but hope to make a tour or two to see all the nice Christmas lighting in town.

Thanks to helpful children I have 90% of my shopping completed and haven’t left my home.
Steve and Cindy have been overly helpful.

See where Alb Claar got a nice 9 point buck. Guess there will be deer jerky at the Boro building for lunch….. My son, John, got an eight point down in Northern Maryland. Dick Sweeney returned from a hunting trip in Texas with some SeaBee friends. He was successful, but says deer are the size of a large dog down there.

Santa Claus will be at the GBU this Saturday, December 11 from 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM. He then will visit the Sokols on Saturday, December 17th from 1:00 until 3:00 PM and on Sunday, the 18th from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM at both the Lilly American Legion and the Lilly Fire Company. Take your children or grandkids for a visit with Santa.

Sympathy is extended to the family of Mark Wasil who recently passed away.

Special birthday greetings go to Paul Cooney who is 91 today, December 8, he celebrates along with Anna Lill, Mary Ann Billick and Emma Sawinski. Steve Durkay and Amber Artko celebrate on the 9th as will Charlotte Muldoon on the 10th, Bill Dunmyer and Barb Martino on the 11th and Chris Wheeler on the 12th. On December 13Nicholas Marinak and Ashlee Weakland observe birthdays as does my sister Maureen Kelly in Napiersville and my daughter Natalie Ann Reed in Altoona. The 14th finds Elizabeth Wilt celebrating. Happy Birthday to All!

The local clubs giving treats to children at Christmas time is a long standing tradition here in Lilly. Old timers can remember those visits when the VFW was also included.

Dec 062016

Lilly Lines by Jack Barlick 886-4694 

All of my children and most grandchildren visited my home during Thanksgiving. My son Steve did a lot of the dinner preparation. Hope everyone else had nice times too.


Congratulations to Patty Grove on her retirement after 30 years of service to Our Lady of the Alleghenies parish. Enjoy the future free time.

Santa Claus will visit the Lilly G.B.U at 2:00 PM Sunday, December 8 for a children Christmas party and to pass out candy to local children who visit. Bring the kids for an enjoyable afternoon.
Many residents have taken advantage of the mild days to get their outside decorations up. I am told there was a nice turnout for the tree lighting ceremony managed by Kelly Sklodowski on Saturday evening down town.. There were about 134 riders for the horse and sleigh rides. Several out of town families took the opportunity to give their children a nice Christmas season experience. Thank you to my daughter Cindy Rabish and her husband Bryan along with Vickie Durkay for taking over the stable duties lining up the riders.

The day came and went while I did not leave the house. I did do some computer shopping and daughter Cindy has been helping.I am actually making progress.

Today, December 1 finds Amy Stauski and Nola Russian celebrating their birthdays as will Gloria Eckenrode. Barbara Bart and Priscilla Sibis on the 2nd and Anthony Ronan on the 3rd. Then comes December 4 when I turn 73 along with Kathleen Zirn, a 1961 classmate, partying also will be Ryan Behe, Joseph Ditosti and nephew Colin Nesbella. On December 5 Charles Mulhearn and Ed Myers get to party as will Tim Przybys on the 6th and Brooke McIntosh on the 7th. Happy Birthday to All!
Rick and Marilyn Nadolsky observe their wedding anniversary on the 1st and Howard and Susan McIntosh observe theirs on the 6th. Congratulations!

You are an oldtimer if you remember when Al Green would butcher deer at his market on Main Street.